Its officials Ecuador Institute From Social Security (IESS) To comply, departed Hotel Hotel Continental in the center of Guayaquil on Monday morning, April 4, 2022 Prohibition Of Installation.

Its secretary Coercive Iveson’s Ivonne Hernández explained to the Ecuavisa channel that the procedure was “done in defiance of the employer Continental Hotel With Social SecurityFor the full contribution of 2020 ”.

According to the official, the loan amount is USD 300,000, plus USD 85,000 per gloss. Hernandez noted that, after the ban, the property passed into the hands of the IESS. After that, if the responsible people do not pay, the hotel will be put up for auction.

The ContinentalOne of them Symbolic From Guayaquil, Located in front of Park Seminario on the Chilean street between Clemente Ballen and 10D Augusto. It was founded in 1974 and closed its doors in 2020 The economic crisis Caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

A traditional restaurant in the city of Buenos Aires used to operate here: La Canoa, which has also been closed due to the epidemic crisis.

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