Iceland’s fisheries minister, Swandis Savarsdottir, has admitted that he was not there Formula Which supports an extension of the victim’s current permission WhaleSo in principle this ban will be effective when the current regulation expires at the end of 2023. Iceland is one of the few countries that allows this practice today, Japan and Norway, And it has done so since 2006, when it again raised its hand to appeal for economic benefits.

Hundreds since then Copy They have lost their lives, though only one in the last three years. Explained in a tribune published by Swavarsadotti Newspapers ‘Morgunbladid’ data shows that this is not an economically relevant activity for the country, so in principle it does not see the need for permission to extend from 2024.

In this sense, he points out that authorized organizations have chosen not to prey on themselves WhaleProbably for economic reasons. The minister noted that according to the Iceland Review, consumption of the animal’s meat was declining in Japan, a major importer market. It also acknowledges that the practice itself is controversial. In 2018, there was Controversial special For the death of a pregnant fins whale and a rare mixture of it Species.

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