The suspect has not yet been caught. Photo: Twitter undMundoEConflicto

A witness to this Mass shooting That today is Monday, July 4, lost At least 6 peopleAnd two dozen were injured in a small town in the United States Illinois First told CNN Thought “these are fireworks” To celebrate 4th July.

The witness explained that the city, Highland ParkAbout 30,000 inhabitants, usually do not live Fireworks Celebrate them Independence DaySo he was surprised to hear them.

Your one Multiple testimonials The U.S. television network and newspaper websites were flooded immediately after the news of the shooting spread.

Most testimonials describe The sound of gunfire like an explosionWith a short break of silence so that the writer could reload his rifle.

The authorities have described Rescued gun As a “high caliber rifle” in the crime scene, it was not immediately clear whether it was a semi-automatic weapon that was used during the mass shootings in Uvalade (Texas), where 19 children and two teachers were killed a month earlier.

I saw a girl die

Another eyewitness, who came with his father from Arizona to see the July 4th parade in Highland Park, described to CNN I saw a girl die He was shot while trying to escape.

Another eyewitness told ABC, “Feeling this at a party that makes a lot of sense to people because they come with their family is crazy, and I can only think of taking my daughter safely.”

The woman explained that seeing so many people running towards her made her Feeling “panicked”And it inspired him to hide from the place where he was hiding with his daughter – a nearby shop – and keep running.

Another man told The Chicago Sun-Times that he and his partner were separated during the chaos, each taking one of their two children.

“I tried to enter a local building with my son, but I couldn’t. Shot off, I imagine the shooter is reloading So I ran and went down an alley and put my son in a dumpster so he was safe, ”the man explained to the newspaper.

More witnesses explained The chaos of the momentPeople are running around in panic, something that can be seen in various videos posted on social networks by the participants of the 4th July Parade.

Suspicious Not caught yetAnd authorities explained that he probably acted alone, and that his target appeared to be parade-passengers, whom he shot from a nearby roof.

A few days before the International Pride Day celebrations, Lgbtiq people were shot at a bar in the #Norway capital. Https://

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Saturday, June 25, 2022

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