A day after defeating Nadal, Murcian won 6-7 (5), 7-5 and 7-6 (5) and reached the second final of a Masters 1000.

Carlos Alcaraz celebrates the victory.
Carlos Alcaraz celebrates the victory.Gabriel boysAFP
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Caught in the frenzy of fans, open, loyal to his fearless character and a reckless point, Carlos Alcaraz ends up with Novak Djokovic a day after doing it with Rafael Nadal. Neither team lost on the ground in the same tournament. With an iron fist and a silky hand, determined to deny all figures, the Spaniard surpassed No. 1 to become the second youngest tennis player in the professional era, after Nadal, when he lost to Federer in the semifinals of the Roland Garros. 2005, his 19th birthday. Coming from behind, after losing a first set where his irregularities were punished, he led the three-time champion of the tournament, which he won 6-7 (5), 7-6 (5), three hours 35. In minutes, Madrid became the youngest player to reach the final.

Two weeks ago in Belgrade, when he lost 6-0 to Andrei Rublev in the third set of the final, Djokovic resisted this time because he had not been seen for months. His attitude and level of play do nothing more than evaluate the Spanish win. This year’s champions in Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, Alcaraz will look for the winner of the match between Alexander Zaverev and Stefanos Sitsipas this Sunday (18:30 pm 1). The fifth title of his career, the record of which he inaugurated at Umag last summer.

In a busy match, the Spaniard showed his extraordinary determination and the ability to fly and correct mistakes. He had his first match point in the tenth game of the third set, but he is not sorry that it slipped away and Manolo Santana took full advantage of the third in the tiebreak to blow away the full spectators on the court. “My grandfather always called me head, heart and ball. And that’s what I try to do,” he commented at the foot of the track for Teledeport.

No physical problems

He came out with a defensive strap on his right leg, which he suffered in the third game of the second set against Nadal, but he did not suffer throughout the match. As with the Spaniard, he started by breaking his opponent’s serve and this time he was able to maintain the advantage until the eighth game, when the Spaniard returned. It was a beautiful game, even more so than the quarter finals.

More temperate and expert, nole Alcaraz’s game was taking the temperature in the first set. It was almost announced that he would recover his serve, as threats in various games followed each other until he converted a third chance due to a disaster in the Spanish net. Adjusts its position to the world’s No. 1 return and finds a fallen land while serving, chains 21 drawn points with the survey.

Alcaraj lost his temper on multiple occasions, but was able to reach the tiebreaker and free the crowd by pushing him from the first ball. The decisive game of the first set compressed what he was doing throughout the set. The legacy of the error has left him in an open hostile situation, with
6-2 for Djokovic. There, at the edge of the canvas, when he got the backhand return winner in the second serve, a direct serve and a backhand drop with which he went 6-5. An intense assembly where he slipped ended up in the net and set with a backhand nolePlease do not please the part of the fans whose obvious celebration.

The 20 Grand Slam title winners maintain an ascending line. He was already good in the quarter-final against Hurricanes and faced more demand, having had some of the most memorable moments on this conditional course since the scandalous episode of the Australian Open.

Alcaraz stopped it after the first set. He was late in his position, keeping and serving a ball for 4-2, and successfully insisted on collecting his dropshot until Djokovic’s temper broke.. One of the Belgrade, however, had his options, in the ninth game and in the eleventh, with an open service and a drop. Alcarazi converted the second of his three set points, again conceiving from A Drop.

Since it shouldn’t have happened otherwise in a match like this, it was decided on a new tiebreaker, with a lot more focus on Alcaraz and one Djokovic could no longer hold him. He disables five break balls before reaching Tie breakBut he faced an uncontrolled hurricane, which he could not stop.

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