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Hugo Gavilánez, 35-year career in television

RTS channel pays tribute to Hugo Gavilanez (left) by recalling parts of the “street window”. This television presenter died today, Wednesday, June 1 in Guayaquil. Photo: RTS Capture

Hugo Gavilanez Borero It started at Television While a lieutenant in the Marine Corps, a youth is conducting educational activities. Soldiers finally opt for Communication In a career spanning more than 35 years.

The communicator died early this Wednesday, June 1, 2022 Guayaquil Hospital. He had been hospitalized there since May 12, when he contracted rot at the end of his morning news. At that time his family informed about the matter After Kovid-19 and pancreatic problems.

As part of the Marine Corps Special Forces, he specialized as a paratrooper and diver, as he remembers. For the past 12 years, Gavilanez Borrero (February 24, 1948 – June 1, 2022) was the morning talk show on the RTS channel ‘El noticiero en la comunidad’.

The TV presenter Describes the chain as his home, because despite being “transferred” through various television channels, he always returns to his old state. Telesystem (Channel 4).

As throughout his long career Reporter And the presenter also works Television channel TC, Channel One and EquaVisa. With your relationship Telesystem (Now RTS) Speaking of 1988, when he was part of the first team Journalists Of the chain

Community journalism

Was the presenter of GavilanezStreet windows‘, A program that introduces RTS Guayas House of Culture In the center of Guayaquil. There he dealt with the complaints of the citizens, sought answers from the authorities, and began his parts Opinions Including face-to-face comments against the authorities.

Journalist and presenter said Louis DelgadilloIts partner Set De Gavillanez recalls the marathon day that the two shared in the air for more than 20 hours after the April 16, 2016 earthquake.

He mentioned when he hit the ‘counter’ of the news News info Who entered the hearts of the people, who saw in him the spokesman of their problems and needs, “he said. Skinny.

The Bicentennial Committee And Municipality of Guayaquil Last year, the journalist was awarded a commemorative medal for the bicentennial of Guayaquil’s independence. It is awarded every 50 years in recognition of the city’s contribution, which Gavilanez then “awarded.” Community attachment

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