Despite losing their match (26-33) against the New Zealand Classic All Blacks, about 40,000 people supported the Lions.

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Later A painful few weeks The Spanish rugby team has received overwhelming support from fans this Saturday, due to a ban that could be ruled out of the World Cup. Match against Classic all black It was, from start to finish, a standing ovation, a round of applause for the support of the players who, with their results, won the place in France 2023.

Everything, even the presence of their families, was designed to support a group that suffers from the humanitarian side. That he got a chance to show himself in sports with initiative in the first few minutes. The layout with wide benches and free replacement made the exhibition easier than the competition. The New Zealanders felt very comfortable with their quality and the tendency to run and find a place with their hands or feet.

Despite being experienced Classic all black They were lethal on each arrival on the local 22nd. In less than half an hour, the gap reached 5-33 for them. And there, inspired by Marker, Spain woke up. He scored three and pressed the gap (26-33) to give the public some intense final minutes.

New Zealand veterans have won but this time the most important thing about rugby is not what happened on the pitch. Meetings of 40,000 fans, weekly activities and even magic Haka Below the raindrops they have placed a counter point of hope for the saddest period of Spanish rugby. With the exception of some initial whistles from the coach of Santos, The lions They received a well-deserved injection of affection.

If the situation did not allow the Total Party, if deception and negligence kept Spain away from the World Cup, what could have happened in the match and what was not, The impeccable set-up and the dedication of the fans have stirred the spirits to complete the memory of a great event based on rugby.

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