Guayaquil City have been tied with Liga de Quito. Photo: LDU

Its a draw League of Quito Stopped for a moment, against Guayaquil City for the 14th day of the Ecuadorian Championship albs aspiration To fight in the first stage.

At the same time 2-2 registration is done in the stadium Christian Benitez, This May 21, 2022, the Lilies had 26 points left, waiting to see what would happen to the games they had to play. Barcelona and the Valley Independent, Those who are ahead of him at the table.

Barcelona are top with 27 points and the Stripes follow it with 26 units, one game less for both clubs, who will play against this May 22, on a consolidated schedule. Aukas and Mushuk Runa, Respectively

The Albosaras stopped that good trend in Guayaquil City, which was dragging They have added two wins in a row. These are the situations that Albos is waiting for, in the absence of a date, depending on the results of their competitors:

If Barcelona wins:

If the Yellows win their match, they have no choice but to fight on the Liga de Quito stage. Guayaquil will have four points, three in contention.

Barcelona draw or loss:

If that happens, the Whites will continue with the options, they will be forced to win on the last date and will have to wait until their last two games to win at the Independent del Valle.

If Independent wins:

Raidos’ win will put them three places above the league. The difference in favor of Sangolkui’s goal – five of the three above Albos – will virtually eliminate the yellows.

If the Independent draws or loses:

If this is true, added to Barcelona’s potential defeat, the Albos will have another date to try to finish first, but they will rely on the leaders’ results on the last date.

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