Complaints have been made by the Professional Football Association Chile before FIFA (ANFP)For the case Byron Castillo, Has created controversy and legal controversy internationally.

Celso Vasconaz, a lawyer specializing in sports law, said in an interview for Bendito Football that the international body could take up to three months to resolve the issue. But he made it clear that “There is no equal precedent that allows us to be guided in time and space“She is OK.

Similarly, the lawyer stressed that in cases where the resolution could be prolonged Has appealed to the Arbitration Court for the sport (TAS).

“It’s important to have a FIFA resolution Hosts the World Cup until August or SeptemberHowever, the resolution could be appealed to the CAS and take another 8 months, “Vasconaz said.

Chile is embroiled in a legal dispute with Ecuador over its eligibility to play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Tampering with the document and fielding an ineligible playerBefore Byron Castillo’s so-called Colombian nationality.

Celso Vasconaz noted that “It is very unlikely that FIFA will approve Ecuador. “

In addition, he explained that in order to determine what was requested, Chile had a need “A judge’s resolution that says the documents are false or adulteratedThat accent doesn’t exist, not even in Ecuador or Colombia. “

Similarly, the Araucanian team Asked for points, as Byron Castillo played two games facing themBut this claim can only be made after the game, so it is now temporary.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But the federation has already suggested And wait for the notification from FIFA “To identify sponsorship and who will take part in its defenseThe lawyer explained.

The main defense of the FEF at the moment Approval of the judgment of a national judge That byron recognizes Castillo as Ecuadorian, Vasconaz argued.

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