Francisco Lasso de la Torre, Consul Advertising respect Ukraine A. EcuadorTalked about the situation in his country and Effect Russia’s military incursion into its territory. The diplomat believes that the attack, at the behest of the Russian president, Vladimir PutinCan have a global impact.

In an interview, Consul said Radio QuitoThat the latest steps taken on Thursday, February 24, 2022 are not part of a problem involving a single country (Russia), but if Ukraine receives military assistance from one of its allies, it can take action everywhere. The European territory And even in size The world.

The importance of Ukraine in Europe

Ukraine It is a country that has a high Increase In its area TechnologyTreasure Minerals And a breakthrough in the industry Agriculture.

According to the official, Ukraine has been considered Supplier For Russia And other countries such as Poland, Italy And Turkey Product Food What? Serial. “The resources of their (Ukrainian) land have given way to its historical significance.”

Strategic position of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with several Boundaries With Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania And Moldova. Plus they have a Location Important that generates access Black Sea.

“It simply came to our notice then Geopolitics This is an excuse for Russia to defend its borders, “said Lasso de la Torre. Russian government For variety Military operations In that country it has been effective.

People have evacuated Ukraine amid attacks by Russian troops.  Photo: Diego Herrera / Europa Press
People have evacuated Ukraine amid attacks by Russian troops. Photo: Diego Herrera / Europa Press

Diplomat I remember That attacked in 2014 Crimea Which ended with Addition Per Russia.

European Union

Lasso de la Torre noted that President Putin had refused to accept it Willpower Sovereign annexation of Ukraine European Union And since NATO considers it as one Risk In it Sovereignty.

“Ukraine has reiterated its sovereign decision to join the European Union,” the diplomat said, with a clear intention to strengthen its export market in agriculture.

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