Municipal staff clean on Av. Homeland to enable transit. Photo: Twitter Works Quito

The capital of Ecuador woke up this Saturday, June 25, 2022, at the age of 13 days of protests, some roads were closed.

The condition of Pichinchar Road

Closed by Demonstration:

-Quito- Tambilo, on the curve of Santa Rosa
-Machachi-Aloyasi, on the Jambeli Bridge
-Alog-Santo Domingo, 6, 65 and 72 kilometers.
-Guellabamba- Calderon, Guellabamba roundabout
-Kusubamba-Kayambe, the entrance to Kangahua-Yajnan
-Tabakundo- in the box, Tabakundo- in the gamer Y.
-Calacalí- Nanegalito, km 59
-San Miguel de Los Bancos- Puerto Quito, 115 km
-Koka- through Tena- and Narupar
-And from Narupa- at the height of Loreto, Puerto Napo- Puyo km 10 and 23
-Queza- Bayeza, Maulana Sector
-Tena-Loreto, 7 km in Loreto.
-Tena- Archidona, Mandayakute
-Tena- Puyo
-Koka- Lago Agrio, 14 km
-Koka- Daiuma, 40 km

El Chaco-Lago Agrio, closed due to road table damage in the San Luis-Reventador sector.

Stops and terminals

Stop Off Of Ecovia
-Guwamani station
-Simon Bolivar
– Eugene Mirror
– House of culture

Ecovia Closed Circuit:
-Guwamani- University
-Quitumbe- Coca River

-Moran Valvarde- Labrador
-Quitumbe- Colon

Others are capable.

Suspended Feeder:

Guamani, El Capuli and Terminal Carcelen stations.

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