Its owners Commercial premises It is Historic center of Quito They had faith Holy Week. They hope that about 100 events organized by the municipality will attract visitors and revive the business.

Miracles happened to them. The holy week was full of restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and other establishments.

In 2020, with its outbreak Covid-19 The skin is deep, the ritual is suspended. The majority in 2021 was virtual. But this year the agenda comes back with vengeance and people gave their lives Procession Y. Ceremony Features this date.

The locals are active again

Here Merchant That they are already returning to the rhythm that they had before Extreme. The Carmelita Armizos restaurant was full from Wednesday to Sunday. With that said StimulationBecause it hasn’t happened since 2020. He has a shop on a street in Venezuela, two blocks from it Large courtyard.

He pays a monthly fee of USD 700 for the establishment. It was virtually closed for the first six months of the epidemic. Even so, he had to pay half the rent.

He has already paid the full price since 2021, but since what he sold was not enough, he has fallen into debt. He owes USD 2,100 and expects to pay them by the end of the year. That’s why he surpasses himself, as if in gratitude to the clients who came last week.

On Friday he sold 300 plates. He did not sell 20 on the same day last year. If they had stayed that way every day, he said, he would have paid the rent in a week and taken three employees to help him. Domestic and foreign visitors came.

Cafe Mosaico (on Manuel Samanigo Street), this holiday was again 100% full of its potential, as it had not happened for more than two years.

Regulo Yanez, a Workers In the first two years of the establishment Extreme – Because of the fear of the people and restrictions – they worked Decreased power.

With now Green light To the best of its ability and serve almost everything Vaccinated population, Back to pre-epidemic statistics again. The space was filled last week with a capacity of 220 people. Months ago, they did not exceed 30% of the capacity.

Martha Casas has an ice cream and juice shop on Guayaquil Street. A typical Friday in 2021 did not sell 15 ice creams. On Saturday he broke a record, they bought more than 120. He says he had to hire someone else to help him on Friday and Saturday because of the population.

Visitor statistics

Holy Week Holidays What? More visitors Accepts Quito. To get an idea, 88,622 people came in 2019, including domestic and foreign tourists. Has occupied the second place Day of the Dead.

Oscar Lopez, manager of Quito Tourism, explained that there are no official statistics on the number of visitors, as they are still tabulating data, but it is clear that they are in process. Reactivation.

Typically, the procession of Jesús del Gran Poder is attended by about 250,000 people. Preliminary statistics say that more than one and a half lakh people have come on this occasion.

Tourist tourism drives the city’s economy.

According to Quito Tourism, tourists spent an average of USD 8.8 million on Easter 2019. This year’s statistics are still being collected.

The Places of interest There was one Branch Plus Beatings By Extreme. According to the entity of the municipality, it was between March 2020 and December 2021 Loss For about 1 1 billion.

At the same time, 551 Travel organization They’re off. But at the same time, new initiatives emerged and 1,228 were opened across the district.

At the moment, there are 5,053 organizations in Quito, including tourist registrations. One thousand of them are located in the center. According to Lopez, they are working on a strategy to maintain the inspection. Concerning the celebration BicentennialThere is a broad agenda to attract tourists.

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