This year Academic There is one Increase 26% of Quota For Higher education Related to the same academic period of 2021. Nevertheless, the demand is high, mainly due to the large attendance of high school graduates from previous promotions.

327,000 young people who signed up last March Test transform88,290 (27%) recent high school graduates and 238,710 (73%) joined earlier.

They try again because they have not received a quota before, explains Alejandro Ribadeneira of the National Secretariat for Science and Technology.Sensisit) Therefore, the number of applicants is double the number of recent graduates.
For example, during the 2021-2022 period of the Costa-Galapagos regime, 155,000 graduates and 327,000 were registered for the exams, but only 120,317 places were made available. This test gives the student a career of their choice and a place in a government or co-financed higher education center.

The first application will be open to high school graduates – who have already taken the exam – from tomorrow to Friday, May 6. Sisters Michelle and Jessica Patino Ortega, aged 21 and 23, are hoping to find a place there. They live in the Azuayo Canton of Oña and finished high school two or three years ago.

At the same time they have been applying for quotas. For Jessica, the score was not enough to follow the economy in the distance in previous years. Maria Ortega said she has eight children, but the eldest three are tired of taking exams and dedicate themselves to working in the field.

For Maria Augusta Hermidar, its rector Cuenca UniversityFor high school graduates like them – from small cantons and rural areas – quotas are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain due to existing educational gaps and which have grown epidemic.

Gustavo Jimenez, 22, from Azogue, has been trying to study nursing at Cuenca University for two years. “I like this profession and yes there are jobs, because there are health needs. Hospitals and clinics are full of patients. I will try again this year, “he said.

That’s the same waiting Andrew Barrera, 20, who is part of the 145,000 high school graduates who graduated last July For the 2020-2021 period of the Sierra-Amazon regime, 255,000 were registered for the exam and there were 118,633 seats.


Every year Academic More than 100,000 young people are deprived of higher education. But many of them are still betting on entrance exams. Others dedicate themselves to work or migration, such as Omar Bune, 21, from Kanara, who left for the United States six months ago because he could not reach the quota. Civil Engineering.

For Ribadneira, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that thousands of high school graduates across the country have limited access to their traditional careers: medicine, law, administration, economics … “After four or five years of study, they can’t get a job; So the goal is not going to be reached. “

He believes that higher education centers should better promote the rest of the careers; And there are students who have no idea what other options, such as technical and technical careers, mean.

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