Ulloa made it clear that it was not possible to withdraw the list without a formal announcement. Photo: Capture

President of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCs), Hernan UloaResponding to the head of the National Court of Justice (CNJ), Evan SakiselaWhich will not allow interference in the appointment of the judiciary.

Ulwer’s statement came after Sakisela’s announcement on the morning of May 17 that he was withdrawing the shortlist for the presidency of the Judicial Council. He argued that there was no legal guarantee in Cpccs and that 83 days had elapsed since it was sent, which was on February 22, 2022.

In this sense, Ulloa has made it clear that it is not possible to withdraw the list without a formal announcement.

“I will not allow it There is no interference with CPCs. An institution of the state that enjoys independence. I will not allow Cpccs to be considered as a political scenario where requests are presented and then withdrawn, “Ulloa told the CNJ chief during a press conference.

Ulloa explained that a Prescribed procedure To make an appointment. It consists of the existence of a regulation for appointments, where rules are established on the requirements and disability for list applicants. And let’s go Formal request Short list by cpccs. The institution was not.

In this sense, he said, the list sent was’ preliminary ‘and’ from the beginning Cpccs Impressed with an imposition for the title ”. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw the list without a formal announcement of the council’s plenary.

Counselors are awaiting a report from the Legal Coordination Department and the case will be dealt with in the May 18 session if possible.

Ulloa management

Sakisela interrogated Ulloa for a request Legal advice To know whether it is appropriate to select the head of the judiciary from the list of courts. He criticized that in a statement to the press, Ulloa said that if the judiciary was “already properly formed, there would be no need to appoint members.”

CPCs support major defenses. It is fair to say that “respect for freedom Judicial functionsHas requested a legal advice report and is awaiting the outcome of a security measure filed by Alvaro Roman. This is because there was a possibility, he said Judgment Recognize him as president of the judiciary. ”

However, on April 22, 2022 the reverse was resolved because Roman He was not appointed by the CNJ, which needed to be elected as head of the judiciary. But he was recognized as a voice, Ulloa added.

For Faust Murillo, The current president of the judiciary, for a different reason, “this is in response to the president’s apparent absence and the failure of his alternative to replace him,” Ulloa said. He added that it was “not a one-handed mess.”

According to Sakisela, the lack of representatives NCJ Indicates that any action by the judiciary would lack legal validity.

Ulloa mentions that the problem arises with the decision Transient cpccsWhich appointed Roman as an alternate member of Maldonado, who did not come from CNJ as an applicant.

“It simply came to our notice then.


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