Hernan Galindez Going through a difficult time University of Chile. A group of supporters did not want him, even the goalkeeper received threats that would call into question his continuity at the club.

The goalkeeper came to the Araucanian team Santiago Escobar, Who managed it Catholic University The Colombian coach from Ecuador has recently been expelled from the team and the future of the goalkeeper could be the same.

Chile’s El Mercurio, Rodrigo Abadi, Galindez’s spokesman said he was considering leaving the party. It has been considered since he received it Death threat.

Maintains that, despite feeling satisfied at the club, he creates the situation he is facing. Discomfort. Later he is not the only one, his Family Intimidated, wanting to protect the integrity of their loved ones.

According to the media, The Institution Where he has made his main security arrangements to monitor the player and his environment. Similarly, his representative noted that “It is important to take them seriously because no one knows what will happen

Currently, the U.S. from Chile The best moment of the championship does not pass and is in ninth place in the championship 14 points. Ecuador’s nationalized Argentina fence has suffered the third most 18 goals against.

Despite the context, he played against her in the last match Serena The title was. There he placed his bow Zero And blues added Three points After scoring two goals.

After comparison, the goalkeeper made it clear that his wife was the one who received the award Post That shocked them. In this context, he noted that he hoped the situation would not escalate further and that these people would not be represented. Swollen.

This is not the first time Galindez Gets threatened. Before emphasizing Ecuador He was teased during the game Central beads In football in one’s own country.


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