Referential image. NASA will investigate an exoplanet known as hell. Photo: Fripik

In the process of calibration, its mirror parts are aligned and with its science instruments, Space Telescope Of James Webb (JWST) Pot Just a few weeks away from being full Efficacy, An expected date for next July 12 This Friday, June 3, 2022, we tell you why researchers believe they have found hell.

As soon as the first observations are published, the web will begin to conduct in-depth scientific research, some of the objectives of which have already been outlined, such as research. Two exoplanets They are classified as super-earth by their size and rocky structure.

These will be the planets 55 Cancree eCovered with lava, And LHS 3844b, Devoid of atmosphere. For their study, researchers will use the web’s high-precision spectroscopy to understand the geological diversity of planets across the entire galaxy and how rocky planets like Earth evolve.

‘Hell’ will be investigated

Due to its high temperature, 55 Cancree e Has attracted a lot of attention and those who have come there to compare it What? Will be Hell.

According to NASA, this exoplanet orbits its Sun-like star at a distance of less than 2.5 million kilometers, completes an orbit in less than 18 hours and has a surface temperature above the normal melting point. Minerals made of rock are thought to cover the daytime lava of the planet in the ocean.

Also, The origin of heat on this planet is still a mystery that scientists are hoping to unravel.. According to NASA, planets that orbit so close to their star are thought to be known as tides, that is, continuous “anchors” toward the stars. For this reason, the warmest point of the planet should face the star and the amount of heat coming from the direction of the day should not change too much with time.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this exoplanet. Observations of 55 Cancri E from the US Space Agency’s Spitzer Space Telescope indicate that the warmest region has moved away from the star’s face and the total amount of heat detected during the day varies.

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