ECU 911 reported this Saturday, May 7, 2022 after 3:40 pm that a Hail Was registered Residential neighborhood From the answer Quito.

The emergency services report said Hail The houses and roads of the sector remained La Luz, December 6th Avenue Y. The bicentennial park.

The agency said that “presence Heavy rain “Visual support is provided,” ECU noted.

The weather report for the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamahi) scheduled for this Saturday, May 6, indicates that this weekend in different provinces of the country. The presence of radiationIncluded Pichincha. Presence Very sunny day; The Probability From Rain That should be sufficient Less.

Inamahi predicts a strong sun

The Ultraviolet radiation indicator Will be presented with high peaks in 10:00 Until 15:00As reported by Xavier McCas, forecasting expert Inamhi. Experts have even suggested that the population protects their skin when conducting outdoor activities.

He further explained that there have been several incidents of rainfall in recent days The Amazon region And InlandFeatures The rainy season. Gradually towards the end It could be Will start Dry season.

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