The Ministry of Health To clarify, it issued a statement this Tuesday, April 12, 2022 afternoon “It’s not mandatory” Also present the certificate or vaccine card Booster dose Where necessary in public or private places.

The announcement comes on Tuesday morning National COE It was announced that “the presentation will begin on Monday, April 17th Vaccine card With the third dose.

Even a bulletin shared with reporters quoted COE Director Juan Zapata as saying: “From Monday, April 18, they will start executing. Check the premises And to verify the presentation of the commercial organization Card with third dose Be able to enter; This arrangement does not apply to entry into the country.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said, Complete vaccination schedule Will be subject to the third dose. That is, if a person takes two doses, they will not have a complete vaccination schedule.

The scheme is as follows:

  • The first dose.
  • Second dose (if applied according to the pharmacist). It must be remembered that the Cancino vaccine is a single dose and its potency is equivalent to a second application.
  • Booster doseWhich must be established five months after the second dose.

“If the five-month booster dose deadline has not yet been met, your certificate will continue to be valid,” the document details.

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