CSIC researcher Margarita del Val and Fernando Simon, director of the Health Aid and Emergency Coordination Center at the Ministry of Health. Photo: EFE

The Community From Madrid 23 potential cases have been identified Infection For Smallpox Of Bow In the region, and Ministry From HealthTogether with the regional government, has activated Health alert.

These cases are currently under study Adjustment With National Center From Microbiology To make sure Diagnosis.

In general Infection Of Illness Is produced through RespiratoryBut in 23 cases due to features Suspicious Infection indicates that it has come into contact Mucous membranes Time Sexual intercourseThis report on Wednesday Counseling From Health Madrid.

Also known as “monkeypox”, it is a Illness Too much RareCommon symptoms include fever, myalgia, lymphadenopathy (swollen glands) and rashes on the hands and face. Water spring And is transmitted through Communication With Animals Or in close contact Infected people Or contaminated materials.

People studying Develops positively And they meet Different In their home, however, close surveillance should be maintained as they may be needed Hospitalized.

Those who are responsible Public health Waiting for laboratory test results and role evaluation Vaccine Of Smallpox For him Control Of InfectionAs well as antiviral use if necessary.

They are doing too Epidemiological research Identify those who are infected and those Possible contact.

May 15, 2022 United Kingdom Throw a Health alert Per World Organization Of HealthAccording to regulations International HealthcareAfter identifying the first four cases Europe.

With this warning, Technician From Public health The Spaniards described the symptoms to the Madrid health system, which helped identify the first eight possibilities. Affected Which is reported from Tuesday, May 18th Ministry From HealthAnd this Wednesday, May 18, Image I know Raised From 23.

In Portugal it is Sure Today there are five cases Smallpox Of Bow And 15 more, all in the Lisbon and Tagas Valley region.

Spokesperson Dr. to talk to Efe Society From Infectious diseases Y. Microbiology (SEIMC), Fernando de la Cale, stressed that it is always easy to do Extreme A Respiratory viruses Such as covid or flu, but theoretically Virus Of Bow Or “MonkeyPix” is less Epidemic power Because it forces you to live with a sick person.

The first In the case of humans The disease has been identified Democratic republic Of Congo In 1970 and the number has increased in recent times Decade In its countries West Africa Y. Central.


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