“I loved her very much. I didn’t want to be separated from her. I always wanted her to be by my side, to sleep next to her,” one person told police. Italian people 64 years old, this Sunday, February 6, 2022.

A criminal investigation is underway against him Concealing corpsesHe kept the lifeless body of his 90-year-old wife on their home sofa for three months. Rome, Italy.

The man, who AuthorAsked to be present during the prosecution AutopsyAlthough everything indicates that death occurred Natural causesAccording to local media.

The case was reported to the police station ProsecutionAfter warning neighbors coming a very strong smell coming from the house.

Officers in uniform discovered the body Adult adult Clean and wrap in a sheet. However, he was already in an advanced condition Rotten.

The author mentions that he took care of all these times BodyThat he kept at home because he was still not ready to let his wife go forever.

Now, research is being done to clarify Reasons The death of the woman, as well as, if she is receiving a pension and her husband receives money after her death.


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