The police member tries to prevent a robbery and gets confused. Photo: Capture

The case was reported in the local media on May 16 The police Those got one Beatings By some tourists from Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹Spain. The incident was presented to pedestrians Confused From Official With a Thief Which was Blockade To two people Person.

Two when it all started The audience Transferred Calmly By city streets. At that moment, a criminal said StuckThreaten them with a firearm and force them Give it to him Its all Accessories.

It was a little way though BusySeveral pedestrians noticed HappenedWith a The policeWho decided to intervene to prevent the robbery, even though he was not Work At the moment.

Because Official Was not WorkDon’t carry her Uniform And dressed as a civilian. For that moment he was in a trance To protect From TouristsThe thief mentioned that it could confuse others present.

Two visitors came to the rescue The victimThe criminal pretended to attack, so, in confusion, anyone got it Beatings Was The police

“I’m a cop, donkey (…)!”, Shouted Official Desperate to try Stay The StrokeAlthough his appeal was in vain. The tourists threw him to the ground They started A Hit him Kicked in the face.

For his part, the thief, seeing that he has achieved his goal, Joined Per Quarrel And took the opportunity to give him a couple Injury From The policeThen flee from the place and Unseen.

Some people who were Observation At that moment they are able to capture Humiliation Inside VideoSo the case spread quickly Viral Inside Social media.

After the attack ended, d The victim It was Transferred Still The hospitalWhere doctors informed him that his injuries were not serious and that he was Must have It is Hub From HealthFrom it Will recover easily

Authorities and the victim’s companions were staying at a hotel in the area, according to local media outlet Metropolis Abierta Off To both Responsible subject Of attack

Now The victim They have to face Judgment To stay Insulted Per AuthorityReasons to try to hurt personally Judgment For Own hand.

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