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Ecuador’s coach, Argentina’s Gustavo Alfaro, has assured that his goal is to host a memorable World Cup in 2022 with Teranga in Qatar.

“I have nothing but the World Cup in my head, nothing but Ecuador,” the strategist said in an interview. Soccer Channel.

“I am just happy to be in Ecuador. I don’t know where the versions that link me to other places came from, “said DT.

“Hopefully we can make the best World Cup in Ecuador’s history,” reiterated Trivarna Helsman.

Gustavo Alfaro needs to achieve the maturity of football

Alfaro stressed that his young Ecuador team still needs to reach maturity and identity, where they will work under the best conditions to reach the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“We have to work on the concentration, we have to manage the situation, we have to be able to take advantage of the favorable situation, we have to master the situation that we have … that is maturity. That maturity and identity is not yet as our team, ”he said. Alfaro Also the Soccer Channel.

The coach encouraged hopes of reaching that level with the squad that reached the World Cup ticket, as he argued that the Ecuadorian footballer was physically stronger and faster than the other teams in South America.

“After we measured with ten teams (from South America), we verified that the Ecuadorian players were physically stronger than everyone else. If we run and stay organized, we complicate anyone’s life, and if we add talent, that’s where we’ll be, “he said.

Also the feature you searched for Alfaro His team and what he practically achieved was that, at the time of the attack, about five players were predicted to do it and they too were prone to defense.

Alfaro revealed that in evaluating and measuring the performance of Ecuador’s players, it has been verified that his team finished the qualifying round “the fastest to press, even more than the same Brazil, Thanks to the prototype of the Ecuadorian player. “

For the coach, the technology has also worked to identify and modify many qualities based on the team’s athletic condition, but if his players do not have the speed, these advantages of technology will not help him in the task at hand. .

Alfaro and his player base

Later, Alfaro assured that the base for Ecuador World Cup in Qatar It will be made up of those who have qualified, but that does not mean that the position has been confirmed, since the possibility remains open to all.

The coach noted that after working with his coaching staff, doctors and other important fields recently, he has passed a list of more than 30 players to give them a special follow-up, different work plans that they must adhere to.

“I have made it clear to all those who plan to do this that it does not guarantee that they will get a secure position in the national team. This will be for those who are at the best level, for which assessment will be done in June, then in September and finally in November, ”he said.

To give an example, Alfaro mentions that he has five forwards in his sights at the moment, but not all of them will be able to go to the World Cup and those who get the best response will be the ones who will be part of the World Cup. The team.

Earlier he had relations with rivals World, They have been selected based on their features in the World Cup.

Similarly, the Argentine coach maintained that Qatar’s most important match would be precisely against Qatar, “because if we end up with a favorable result, the other rivals will be under pressure, but if that is not the case, the pressure will fall on Ecuador.”


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