Alfaro: ‘We did everything according to the rules’. Photo: File / EL Commerce.

The name is Soccer player Byron Castillo It has attracted football fans in Ecuador and Chile over the past three weeks.

The Chilean National Association of Professional Football of Chile (ANFP) has lodged a complaint with the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), Allegations of document forgery Which certifies the citizen of Castillo Ecuador.

From Chile they are sure that their complaint will be effective and they will be able to desk, Get a quota from South America For the 2022 Qatar World Cup which will open on 21 November.

Who did not comment on it Gustavo AlfaroThe English media has consulted with the three coaches of Argentina AthleticAbout this theme.

We did everything according to the rulesSo I’m sure we haven’t done anything wrong, “said the coach who arrived in Ecuador in the second half of 2020 and whose process ended with qualifying for the Qatari World Cup.

Before Castillo was called up to the senior team from the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), they assured him that The investigation was raised with FIFA From which it was made clear that there is no problem in calling the player.

Castillo was called for the first time September 2021 Triple playoff date To play at home in Quito against Paraguay and Chile; And, as a spectator, Montevideo against Uruguay.

This 23-year-old player then Intervened in eight games And for Qatar, it was one of the highlights of the fourth straight quota team from South America.

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