The attacker was 18 years old. Photo: Social Network

At least 16 people died this Tuesday, including May 24 14 studentsA teacher and attacker, a Shooting At an elementary school in Uvalade (Texas, USA).

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explained at a press conference that the attackers were identified Salvador Romas, 18 years oldCame up with one Hand gun And, probably with a rifle, at Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, about 133 kilometers from San Antonio.

The assailant “shot and killed in a horrific and understandable manner 14 students and one teacher“The Texan governor said.

Shortly afterwards, Romas, who lived in Uvalde Shot by officers Abbott added that police were present at the scene.

White House response

The White House responded quickly, with spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre tweeting that President Joe Biden had been “informed of the terrible news.” Shooting From an elementary school in Texas.

The president “will continue to provide regular information as soon as information becomes available,” Jean-Pierre said.

Attention to the injured

Health Center Uvalade Memorial Hospital A statement on Facebook stated that 13 people were injured who were transferred to their facilities by ambulance or bus, while two Deadly prey They died before reaching the hospital.

Another medical center, University Health, tweeted that the school was treating two patients injured in the shooting, a minor and an adult, and that they were being examined.

The Uvalade school district He mentioned earlier on Twitter that an “active” shot had been fired at Rob Elementary and that security forces had moved into the area.

This Sunday’s shooting of the #Manhattan subway took place a month after the same incident in the same city. Https://

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