William Lasso He traveled this Sunday, April 17, 2022. He has a two-day agenda from Monday where he will meet with presidents Alberto Fernandez From Argentina (Monday) and Louis Lackley pou of Uruguay (Tuesday).

However, in addition to these formal meetings, there are plans to meet the President Merchant Both countries “increase trade and Investment In the country ”, reported by the General Secretariat of Communications.

In addition to the official meeting in Argentina on Sunday Progress About BusinessLasso will participate Ecuador is open for business meetings. Traders and investors from that country will take part there.

In Uruguay, according to the official agenda, there are no specific meetings with investors. He will also meet with the Uruguayan president to discuss trade progress Latin American Association From Mixture (Aladdi) “Promote a International relations At all levels. ”

Economically, according to analyst Diego Olmedo, Ecuador has something it can achieve in both countries. What’s with it Sale Of Surplus From Banana Which you currently have.

According to experts, both markets are normal and close. So this is a necessity Investment Less moving products and that allows Sell ​​it Plus Cheap.

However, the economic situation in Argentina Not the most favorable Despite this at the moment, Delgado indicates that it continues to be a Market Large with purchasing power and from which you can also Imported goods.

In addition, such products Packed From FishThe Shrimp And Broccoli They don’t compete with Argentina so it could be a good chance to win Agreement In that case, according to Delgado.

Will meet with Lasso politically Representative From both coasts Ideal In this region. Alberto Fernandez Located in Left And part of it Trend That is shared by Ecuador correism. For example, the President of Argentina has participated in the so-called initiative Group From Puebla.

For the most part, Lacalle Pou, arrived Per Presidency From Uruguay With National Party. He took office in early March 2020, marking the end of a 15-year period in which the Left Alliance dominated.

The last official act of Lasso will be on his agenda next Tuesday at 5:00 pm, aptly, in his official meeting with the President of Uruguay.


According to Executive Decree 398, Guillermo traveled with Lasso Ministers Of relationships Foreigner, Juan Carlos Holguin; From Trade External, July Joseph Grassland And telecommunications, Vienna Maino.

Also, among the secretaries of the three states, they have traveled The maid Bolivar Guerrero and Boss From SecurityMiguel Baldwin. Three more people were included in this group: a AdvisorUnder-Secretary of Protocol and Director of Photography.


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