The President of Ecuador said this Tuesday, May 3, 2022 Security Inside Guayaquil This is due to the management of its mayors. In addition, he pointed out that the exceptions in the three provinces are yielding results for the state.

The Security “It simply came to our notice then. This is a very serious national problem and it is a local problem in Guayaquil. The most violent city in Ecuador, the most unequal, “Lasso told a weekly news conference.

In his statement, he added: “I do not want to create controversy, but it is a reality. Guayaquil Their citizens have something to say about security controls in Guayaquil. ”

April 29, Lasso Decree The Exception condition Inside Guas, Manbi and Esmeraldas. Arranged Curfew For 60 days (11:00 to 5:00 pm) in the parish: Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas Canton; Alloy Alfaro from Duran Canton; Gimena and Pasquelles, in the Canton of Guayaquil.

In this context, he said, they have carried out this operation 7,400 are on. Of these, 200 were seized, 819 kg of drugs were seized, 59,333 registered vehicles, 57,000 registered persons and 77 protected vehicles and motorcycles were recovered.

“Operations are yielding results. I want to reach zero violent deaths. With the operation, they have been reduced in Guayaquil, but there is still much to be done. We are going to intensify the fight against crime with 9,000 members of the public force: 4,000 from the police and 5,000 from the armed forces. I have called for a national crusade. Here we are going to play everything for the sake of peace for the citizens, ”he said.

That is what Lasso said Agreement Insecurity is required a Joint With the Municipality, the Parish Council and the Ministry of the Interior.

An element to prevent Young people Fall into Crime And have an access Work What is he? Draft Cancellation of university admission and Invisible Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sensisit), The project seeks to strengthen technical education, according to the president. He said the investment law was another element, but it was not approved by the National Assembly.

In this context, Lasso raises questions about the actions of lawmakers, particularly the Union for Hope (UNES).

“Everyone shouted for joy at the denial of the law. This is almost certainly a crime against young Ecuadorians. And then on May 1st they wanted to hang out with the workers, who duly celebrated their day. They were absolutely peaceful and orderly demonstrations, without the participation of some politicians such as UNES assembly members who came to shout in the basement of the governor’s office, “he criticized.

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