President, William Lasso, Ask Internal Revenue Service (SRI) And the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) which purchases Foundation On Dowler, become the coast, By Ex-husband Of Mayor Cynthia viteri, Joaquin Villamar.

Joaquin Villamar, the mayor’s former partner, acquired 80 lots The sector that connects Guayaquil with the resorts of Guas and Santa Elena, where the city plans to build its future New airport International. More shopping than that 90,000 square meters Implemented Maybe The 2020When he was still Swami Of Viteri, according to an investigation by Diario Expreso.

Guayaquil publishes the morning paper Feedback President of the Republic, who leads Letter Two pages to the SRI Director, Marisol Andred. It has also issued a copy to UAFE.

The president said that according to public information, money had been paid for Villamar Tax Per Rent USD 47,020.41 Between 2011 and 2021. That is, the citizen will declare income tax for almost 200,000 In a decade, that has nothing to do with it Bought From Foundation. He also announced Tax zero In years like 2021.

Marital partnership with Viteri

The Divorce From viteri And Villamar Implemented in 2021Later 25 years of marriage And two children. She was married to the mayor on February 14, 2022 Juan Carlos Vascons. However, according to the official, the Marital society I know Dissolved In 2011 and left it By no means He’s good.

In his letter, Lasso recalls 198 of that article Justice That establishes the general principle Settlement Of one Marital society Must be done by Half.

“At first glance, it should be understood that in the corresponding liquidation of the marital partnership that dissolved in 2011, Mr. Joaquin Cupertino Villamar Cabello also received zero assets and resources,” the document said.

The mayor spoke

Mayor Viteri responded to the president’s request and said on his Twitter account: “Your decision, Mr. President, was very accurate.” In the message, he also spread the letter that the government had issued to SRI.

Sections 298, 6, of the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP) Tax Its inclusion False informationIncomplete, distorted or adulterated Tax return. The punishment for this crime is imprisonment for up to three years.

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