President Lasso during his report to the nation this Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

President William Lasso This Tuesday, May 24, 2022 approved that it has no intention of dissolving the current National Assembly. Although he acknowledged that his first year in office was a problem with the legislature.

But the change in that relationship depends on what happens in the coming days, according to analysts.

Lasso explained in the last part of his speech Report to the nation, From the National Assembly. Upon admission, he was greeted by Lori, the head of the legislature, in Guadalupe.

“For the past few months, we have been thinking of implementing the article of the constitution that gives power to the president of the republic. Dissolve this National Assembly. In fact, I am the first to admit that the relationship between the executive and the legislature has not been the best this year, Madame President (Guadalupe lorry), “said the head of state.

It refers to Article 148 of the Ecuadorian Constitution. This rule established that the President of the Republic can Dissolve the legislature When it undertakes actions that are not “constitutionally its responsibility”, when Parliament repeatedly and unreasonably obstructs the implementation of the National Development Plan due to a serious political crisis or internal strife.

But the need for abolition, according to the same Magna Carta, favorable opinion of the Constitutional Court.

The President Lasso He noted that the force was “always on the table”, but did not comment on the status quo. Those who did not attend, except for the stars of the Union for Hope.

“I want you to hear my reflection on the subject from my voice. This is not because I want to explain to them, but because each crisis is an opportunity to understand each other better. And the truth I have found is that, at this point in history, There is no need for elections in Ecuador. All that Ecuador needs is to be governed and to be well governed, “he said in a statement.

Question in the interest of power

With these statements, Lasso again, for the time being, dismisses an idea Cross death. However, he did not say anything about it Referendum. The method by which the government chose why Alexandra Vela resigned. For the former officer, cross death was the solution to the crisis with the Assembly.

“Perhaps some organizations want to have all the power to rule alone. They probably wanted to come in and undo all the work The previous governments, And thus refound the country again. I understand that even from my own side of the political spectrum there will be respected voices who want to do the same, “he admitted.

The President has stated that the task is to build a people through majority consensus, which cannot be achieved “by dissolving the association or calling for elections.”

He invited her to speak Opportunity for renewal. In this sense, he said: “If we are here, it is right to act on the basis of everything above our differences.”

“I did not come to satisfy the hatred of some, I came to satisfy the hunger of many,” Lasso said at the end of his one-year management report.

Compromise message

Throughout his speech, the head of state referred to the legislature only twice. And once the word “dissolved”. He has repeated the word “bridge” seven times in New Ecuador. Seven times he mentions “democracy,” and 12 times he speaks of “opportunity.”

Political analyst Francis Montahuano Considering that Lasso has issued one in his speech Compromise message Which seeks to reduce the level of conflict by moving away from dissolving the legislature. Through this, the president hopes that the legislature will solve its internal problems, he said.

For Montahuano and political analysts Arturo MoscowLasso showed his close relationship with Lori in his speech, but words alone will not change the relationship with the legislature.

Lorry assessment in Guadalupe

Moscoso sees it as difficult to reach the executive Minimum agreement with the legislature Due to the current position of the political organization. However, he doubts that any of these agreements could be revoked Cross death.

What is added to that is Lori Presidency, After the action of the evaluation committee. And if political justice continues against the participation of citizens and the new majority of the Social Control Council. Lasso did not mention the referendum, analysts added.

“Everything depends on what happens in the next few days. We will see if there is any agreement. But if the situation continues like this, there will be less room for government strategy, ”he maintained.

According to analysts Leonardo Jaramillo, The president tries to show political maturity. “The president has clearly observed that the new election does not really benefit anyone. His popularity is low and it will be difficult for him to achieve the electoral improvements he wants, leaving him as before or worse, ”he said.

He says his message does not address “his inability to engage the Assembly profitably.” Therefore, the government must continue its efforts to reach a political settlement “in any case”.

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