Referential image. Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso created a national chain. Photo: Screenshot.

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, offered a national chain after 10:00 pm this Sunday, June 26, 2022. This message to the nation has been fulfilled in the midst of controversy National Assembly As much as possible Dismissed.

First, he mentioned that on Friday the 24th they decided that members of the tribal movement could return to their community. He emphasized that the state of emergency had been lifted, but said that this was not the case.

“We will not insist on those who do not want to speak, but we cannot wait to give the answers that our brothers and sisters across Ecuador want to wait for,” he explained.

Lasso mentioned that he captured all the points on the agenda Indigenous movement. “Our country has been the victim of two atrocities. None of this work will go unpunished. ”

In this context, the President indicated that the National Police and the Armed Forces would continue to operate on the territory and make progressive use of force to stop acts of violence.

He explained that he had maintained a dialogue with several members of the society such as mayors, prefects, tribal leaders and they all came to the same conclusion. Be normal.

The point of the agreement indicates that it is the cost of fuel. In that sense, it is possible to reduce the price of one gallon of gasoline and Ecopise by 10 cents.

“This is not a problem for Ecuadorians. We have decided to reduce the price of extra petrol and EcoPise by 10 cents per gallon. Diesel is also 10 cents.”

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