After the decree of Guillermo Lasso, fuel prices will be reduced from 28 June Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

The President Guillermo Lasso His last defense Decision In economic matters. Compare that Decrease Fuel prices will be generated at 10 cents SaveEach year, similar to a Unified Basic Salary (SBU).
“Not less than 10 cents! Reducing fuel costs represents a basic salary saving of about a year, ”Lasso said in a statement via his official Twitter account.

This is related to your ad which was translated into its content Decree 462Signed on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Sets the document The highest price Selling fuel to the public. For example, for the automotive sector, gallons of gasoline Extra And Extra With ethanol they stay at USD 2.45. Gallons of gasoline Diesel And premium diesel, at USD 1.80.

The decree will take effect from midnight on June 26. “These decisions don’t just honor the efforts and promises of the little ones Producer And will allow merchants, but to reactivate their economies, “said the head of state.

Vehicle cost savings

Lasso’s tweet is accompanied by a Graphic With information that saves the project. The government estimates that a medium 37-gallon truck fills its fuel tank with USD 70. However, with the decree it will be met at a cost of USD 66.

This decline, per month, refers to savings between USD 32 and 38. Each year they calculate the executive, between USD 380 and USD 450.

The Unified Basic Salary for this 2022 is set at USD 425, higher than USD 25 2021. So, for the government, reducing USD 0.10 means saving a basic salary per year “A great savings!” He highlights.

The decision does not fully satisfy the indigenous movement, which resumed mobilization in Quito this Monday.

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