Per 36,352.26 Climb Salary Of the first Six months President of Ecuador, William Lasso. The amount is donated fudrine, A private non-profit organization. Donation is a Promise of promotion What did Lasso do?

“Shortly before taking over the presidency, I made a commitment Donate my salary. Today I officially delivered that offer Accumulated Fudrin in the first six months of government, which is commendable, “Lasso said on his official Twitter account.

The president’s goal is to make a collection Beneficial amount Assign to a New organization Contribute to the care of the weaker group every six months with their salary.

This goes to the first grant fudrineWith 26 years of experience working with children Cerebral palsy And Down’s syndrome.

“I have never been a friend of self-esteem. On the other hand. I am very prudent in such actions. However, the law goes beyond the public interest, as it involves the country’s president. And I know it My salary It can serve those who need much more. (6) and so on I will keep doing it Until the end of the government, “Lasso assured.

Sylvia MaldonadoFoundation Executive Director fudrineExplained that the donated assets are “invaluable” for his organization.

This will allow them to continue providing quality care to minors with disabilities. “Thank you for allowing our Ecuadorians to believe again that we can live in Ecuador of peace and progress together,” Maldonado said.

“It simply came to our notice then. The important thing is not who you are but who you are. David Pavon, Inheritor of the deceased’s property The current director of the Foundation and the Human Talent of this entity, about the obstacles he has overcome with his disability.

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