The plenary session of the National Assembly resumed the debate online. Photo: Facebook.

The vote required to remove President Guillermo Lasso did not reach the National Assembly on the night of June 28, the day marked by a rally on its 16th day, due to alleged internal disturbances following the national strike.

92 votes were required and there were 81 votes in favor, 42 against, 12 absent and zero votes. Wilma asked for Android Vote correction Because he argued that there was a problem with his seat and he voted in favor, while his intention was to vote against dismissal.

They got new votes 84 affirmative votes42 negative, 11 abstinence and zero blank.

Among those who voted for the dismissal was Assembly President Virgilio Sakuisela. Laurie, Ricardo Venegas and Gisela Molina from Guadalupe abstained from Pachakutic.

The debate over the dismissal request, promoted by Correismo (Unes), ended with the participation of 109 of the 137 members of the Assembly.

The session was given in virtual mode Unprecedented period: They were about 20 hours, the days that lasted until midnight on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June and it resumed for eight hours this Tuesday.


Each legislator had 10 minutes without the right to reply. Virgil Sakisela (Ind.), The head of the Assembly, did not limit the number of interventions. The direction of the debate was in the hands of the Vice President, Yesena Guamani (ID) In ​​the last section, when Sakisela conducted the dialogue between the government and Konai.

In his speech, Sakisela insisted that Lasso would resume talks with Konai if he was not fired.

Coreismo, who won 47 seats, moved for Lasso’s dismissal due to a so-called “serious political crisis and internal turmoil” as a result of a national strike by the tribal movement, which has seen several episodes of violence in 16 days.

He did it without securing it 92 votes Which were needed to solve. In the debate he was able to add the support of the Pachakutic bloc (25 members) for this reason, although there was a voice like Lori in Guadalupe, who was fired from the presidency of the assembly by his opponents and the process against Gisela Molina and Ricardo Vanagas.

Vanessa noted that since 2009 Legal procedure An image that defines what an “internal disturbance” is and in the process against Lasso, Charismo has failed to show the grounds for removing the president.

Laurie denies that it is going on “Plan of a coup”, Something that Correismo rejects. Molina Konai attacked Leonidas Iza, the president, saying he had always pushed his “arrogant thesis and his own agenda above any sentiment” to the base.

“How unfortunate it is Leonidas Isa When not out to protest correism He was the head of this country, because at the moment he was in prison for about five Saturdays and about 50 national networks tore everything he left to pieces, ”Molina commented.

Others, such as Javier Santos, one of the six dissidents in the Democratic Left (ID), who usually vote for Coreismo, have spoken out against the application of Article 130 of the Constitution. Without them, the UNES proposal would not have reached 80 votes.

Since this process began, The dome of the PSC He issued two statements and stressed that “removing the president is not a political moment or a solution to the problem we are going through”, against which he will vote.

“It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Institutionalism, public order and respect for the rights of Ecuadorians are at risk, ”argued Torres, head of the 15-seat bench.

Block of Democratic left (ID), which maintains 10 assembly members, made it clear in a statement that it would vote for the country’s stability, although party president Guillermo Herrera has attacked the executive. “Not in a coup”,

Maria Jose Plaza, a member of the assembly and vice president of the crew, called the debate a “sad show.” “We are here to debate the legitimacy and appropriateness of removing the president of the republic. To deal with the agenda strictly on the basis and with legal and technical reasoning, and we have done nothing but talk about something less than what has been called for, ”he noted.

As a download, Sent to Lasso Assembly Information on the implementation of his official plan. Opponents were outraged that the president did not attend the plenary session.

Instead he gave one Written answer, Where he mentions that there is no legal basis for this process; Fabian Pozzo, the Assembly’s legal secretary, read the document at the start of the session. He argues so
Five hours before the end of the discussion, Lasso sent a message on his social networks. There he called on lawmakers to protect the country from being described as a “coup attempt” by Coreismo.

“We have all witnessed UNICEF’s efforts to attack democracy. “To take advantage of the chaos to destroy Ecuador’s institutions,” he stressed.

He assured that “this is not a call to protect any individual or political project or government.” “Those of us who are with democracy will not let that happen.

Instead, the first president “refused to intimidate, blackmail, oppress and intimidate those who voted in the National Assembly, willing to defend them.” Institution and peace


The prosecutor’s office even confirmed that it had launched an investigation into the alleged organized crime – a crime punishable by 7 to 10 years in prison – after learning of the incidents through a police report submitted on June 25.

One of the investigators is a legal adviser. “So far, several agencies have been tasked with sending relevant information and taking versions of people identified in the audio broadcasts on social networks,” the ministry added.

Ricardo Chavez, an assembly member from Coreismo, listed the investigation as a “media show.” Meanwhile, Fernando Cabaskango, of the radical branch of Pachakutik, described the ruling party’s accusation of leading a protest to harass a legislator for his vote as “gossip.”

“If the ruling party condemns the corridor gossip, condemn it if you have evidence because, unlike an irresponsible president who does not go before an appropriate authority, we will defend and respond there … any allegation made but with evidence. Cabascango said.

This is a process that has been activated for the first time in Ecuador since the current highest standard was approved in 2008.

No one has received the government’s first response. This Tuesday, June 28, the dialogue will resume. Https://

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