In 2021, the Isaiah brothers were acquitted of embezzlement and so they live in the United States. Photo: Page

The Civil and Commercial Chamber of the Provincial Court of Guam has made a rejection Appeal Presented by Brothers Willian and Roberto Isias. This fact was announced by the State Attorney General’s Office, this Thursday, June 2, 2022.

That appeal was made to The opposite Judge Andrea Patino ruled on April 1.

That day, he Denial of a defensive measure To extinct former owners Philanbank. The denial was issued during a hearing held at the Duran Judicial Unit.

Through this constitutional provision, the Isaiah brothers wanted to benefit from a “precautionary measure that prohibits the registration or demarcation of any law to transfer ownership over a group. Foundation Located in the cantons of Duran, Yaguachi and El Triunfo, “said the attorney general’s office.

Say, the brothers have tried Protect your assets To prevent registration of any contract or transfer of ownership of that property.

However, the judges of the Guass Civil Chamber analyzed Isis’s request and the time of the hearing. They have “declared unqualified” requests for protection.

“In exercising its constitutional and legal powers, it will continue to protect the interests of the state of Ecuador,” he said. AttorneyAfter hearing the verdict of the court.

Other works performed by Isaías

In March 2022, both presented a Case against the state of Ecuador Not less than USD 2 billion as a measure of compensation Assets seized in 2008 By the Abolished Deposit Guarantee Agency (AGD).

Also, on May 11, 2022, Guaquil will judge families, women, children and adolescents Isaiah ordered the return of the confiscated property from the brothers. Specifically, all assets that have not been sold, donated or abandoned. On the other hand, the Attorney General’s Office has appealed against the verdict but no solution has been found yet.

Brothers William and Roberto Isias, former owners of Philanbanco, have sued three state-owned enterprises for 2 billion in compensation. Https://

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