Dalton Norvez, mayor of Duran (left); Cynthia Viteri, Mayor of Guayaquil; And Juan Jose Eunice, mayor of Samburndon, has signed a letter of intent for the fifth bridge. Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor’s Office of Guayaquil

The mayors of its metropolitan area Guayaquil They met this Tuesday, May 24, 2022 to begin the process of estimating eligibility and crystallizing the so-called construction. Fifth bridge On the Guas River.

President of the Republic, William Lasso, Mentioned in it Annual report Among the many tasks that the central government has to create. But the mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia ViteriReports that the municipality of the province and Guas Prefecture In fact the competition will be guessed.

“It’s been more than five years Process (For international auction) Fallen, in different governments, “said Viteri. And he warned that the city could not wait Failure In a continuous effort National Government.

“We told them to do it, but now we understand We don’t have to ask permission or come”, Added Mayor. Veteri recalls that with the municipalities of Guayaquil, Samborondon and Dowl, he forcibly accepted competition and built bridges between the three cities. Private organization And without permission Central Government.

What is the fifth bridge?

The so-called Fifth Bridge is a long-term construction project Viaduct south of Guayaquil. And the work wants to connect south The main port With Duran And with Puerto Inca-Naranjal To facilitate logistics Export to the port Guayaquil.

The Guayaquil Port Terminal Remove about 85% Non-oil commodities Of the country and 92% containers, according to Viteri. For which he described the work as “relevant”.

Mayors Dalton NorvezFrom Duran; Juan Jose EuniceFrom Sambrandon Y. Claver FalconFrom Yaguachi, Met with Viteri to evaluate the steps to follow. And they have signed a letter of intent that they hope to abide by Luigi RiveraIts mayor Orange gardenWho could not attend the meeting.

So Municipality Committed Coalition forces To make work construction crystals. They are also planning to hold a rally Guas Prefecture Perseverance in joining the initiative, managing the steps as well as moving forward in a call process International calls.

They also requested the central government to take a similar decision and delegate the responsibility of carrying out the task. Decentralized autonomous government (GADs).

“We finally understand that we don’t need your permission to build the fifth bridge,” the mayor insisted. They are expected to receive this Thursday, May 26, at the mayor’s office Minister of Transport and Public Works To deal with the subject.

Veteri further explained that it was planned to be built Regional public company for large projectsLed Construction chamber, Including an executive unit. The project requires an investment of 8 850 million for four highway lanes and six bridge lanes. Meanwhile he Estimated construction time It will be five years.


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