The The main port Zero deaths have been registered from Covid in the last two weeks. This is reported by Municipality of Guayaquil This Tuesday, April 12, 2022, during operation preparation The procession of the Consul Christ. Popular pilgrimage centers around half a million people.

The Department of Health A new one has been reported due to the low rate of infection Epidemic report The last one was three weeks ago. However, he confirmed the information: there have been no deaths from covid in the city for two weeks.

When Mega procession Will extend along 31 blocks (2.5 km). And the tour will start from 2019 Church of Christ the ConsulSouth of the town, the monument and the Plaza del Swan 2. After two years, the pilgrimage will take to the streets on April 15, Good Friday Virtual event due to epidemic.

Continent for the procession

Mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia ViteriThe procession reported that a video surveillance circuit would be followed by five cameras. And eight Ambulance They will guard behind, in the middle and in front of the crowded shrine. Despite having records Zero death from covid It is recommended Strict use of masks.

“There will be five Health points Including 50 Doctor, Ambulance and active bicentennial hospital “, Viteri said at a press conference. Also five with 200 firefighters Ambulance They will be part of the campaign.

The team that will be deployed to provide security and assistance to the trustees includes 104 metropolitan police officers and members of the national police and navy. There will also be 100 agents Transit and mobility authority (ATM), including five patrol cars and 10 motorcycles, the mayor said.

Asphalting work

The mayor took a tour of the streets where the procession will be held this Tuesday, April 12, together with the directors of the municipal directorate. The Council Works to fill, reconstruct and counterclockwise The road is paved Consuelo and the Swan in Christ 2.

In Cisne 2, an area of ​​500 square meters of road is intervened and a Asphalt layerNear the monument Comfort ChristWhere the procession comes from

Meanwhile Road aIn an area connected Church of Christ the Consul Starting point- The work of asphalting 13 thousand square meters of road is in progress.

Roads open and well maintained for millions of pedestrians. Also, maintenance of its metallic structure A bridge. Cabildo combines the perception of four great processions during Good Friday in Guayaquil.

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