The city of Guayaquil Won 4-0 Akas For the eighth date Ligapro This is April 16, 2022, at Christian Benitez Stadium.

The townspeople have achieved their second Victory It is Championship And end with one Section Six matches without a win.

Scoring begins in the first game of the match. A Punishment Instruct the townspeople in three minutes Victory.

Although forward Dr. Grape vine Penalty Miss, Renato Caesar was focused and scored Rebound.

Aukas did not respond to a request for comment The goal And Guayaquil City pushes him. It didn’t take long for the second goal to come. Brazil team in 25 minutes Klebinho Strong scored the second goal Shooting About 20 meters.

The compliment did not change the team’s tonic and Guayaquil City continued Attack With all his strength, before playing zero in the sky.

A handball led from center back Luis Romero inside the area New punishmentl For Guayaquil. On this occasion, Paralis made it 3-0 with maximum penalty.

Already in the last minute Angel Quinonez confirmed the victory with an inside shot from the area after Roger Arias’ cross.

Guayaquil City and Aucas Seventh Y. Eighth Position with 10 points each.

The next date will visit Guayaquil City on Wednesday, October 9, 2022, while Aucas will receive Universidad Catolika on Thursday, April 21.

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