View of Contraflow Lane ending in front of the Neuroscience Institute on Pedro Menendez Avenue, north of Guayaquil. Photo: Courtesy ECU 911

The Transit and Mobility Agency (ATM) This Thursday, June 2, 2022 a traffic lane in the opposite direction has been activated or Counter flow At one of the main entrances Guayaquil. Pedro Menendez has improved Gilbert Avenue, north of the city Vehicle flow Morning hour time with measurement.

One lane to the south-north (Guakil-Duran) From Monday to Friday, from 6:00 to 10:00 the Avenue will be activated in the opposite direction.

This is intended for additional lane circulation Light weight vehicle Those who enter from Canton Duran Is Sambrondon. Routes traffic Machala AvenueIn the middle.

About 98,000 vehicles enter from here every day Duran Y. Sambrondon A Guayaquil, Which saturates five traffic lanes on Pedro Menendez Avenue. Both vehicles enter through that The bridge The National unity (Re) Like those who come from the north of the city av Benjamin Rosales.

Saturated road

General Louis LalamaTraffic Director ATM, Said that about 6,900 vehicles enter the avenue every hour. Safety cones restrict the controlflow lane that starts to the left of the PUN overpass landing, at the Institute of Neuroscience.

“The road no longer supplies, so we decided to add one Extra lanes For within peak hours Improved mobility In transit The entrance to Guayaquil”, Pointed to Lalama.

That’s what ATM has underlined Driver That lead to go to the center through that tunnel Boyacha Road They should avoid contraflow lanes, as it leads west of the city or north of the city. Users are going Santa Ana mountain tunnel, Towards the fort sector Shipyard Waves FAEThey will be able to do this through normal traffic lanes.

Transit was already an active one Counter flow rail For the return of tourists from Way to the coast Sunday, last February, in high season Beach inspection.

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