More than 20 Cities A. The world Will join a Seedlings For To interrupt For the first creation Farm From Octopus A. Planet. The Installation They will stay Spain.

The Announcement Carried out by the Spanish zoo PACMA. The event will take place Noon In about 10 countries, including Sunday, April 3, 2022 Ecuador. These include Spain, Australia, England, Mexico and Italy.

This is a statement, PACMA It has been pointed out that more than 80 entities AnimalistMatch Politician And relevant people in the field Scientific And StaffThis support Overall action.

“We have spent months War Against the first opening Farm Octopus The worldA real distortion and a Scientific nonsenseMoral and Environmental”, PACMA noted.

New company Peskanova It said it would create facilities near the port Palm From Gran Canaria. It is estimated that it could produce 3,000 tons of octopus a year.

On February 5, 2022, PACMA Organized a Revealed In front of its gate Town Hall From Las Palmas Gran Canaria To claim Stop immediately Of the project, “which is still pending a study that certifies whether it meets the requirements Environmental impact”, The group indicated.

On Ecuador The Call There is Half the world (Quito) and in Rotunda The Peer 2,000 (Guayaquil), respectively. On its page PACMA You can find the list Cities Join that Exercise Worldwide

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