Botániqo Project Sales Office av. Oswaldo Guassamin. Photo: Patricio Terán / EL COMERCIO

Mayor of Quito, Santiago GarderasRequest Regulator To conduct a special examination on the construction of the General of the State Botanico housing project. The city plan considered building houses KumbayaThe valley of the capital.

Company Uribe and Schwarzkopf Received construction license on February 21, 2022 Management Zonal Tumbako.

The announcement raises questions about the project Sale. Among the inhabitants of the valley Tumbako There is opposition to this, considering that there is a risk of getting close to it and an impact Broken Tile.

The Building permit They indicate that up to four storeys can be built on this land from the base line. Added to this is another concern of project opponents, which is concentration.

President of the company, Joseph Schwarzkopf He said in a previous interview with the newspaper, the Metropolitan Council had not approved anything separate from the neighboring building (four floors). The executive assured, Dr. due to the fall Ground, He was allowed to build. The project proposes that the building be up to three storeys below the baseline.

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