Guayaquil’s market seems to have been supplied, but with higher prices for their products. Photo: Mario Naranjo / EL Commerceo

The phrases “no way”, “no thanks” and “I’m just wondering” were the most frequently repeated by participants in the Guayaquil market on Saturday, June 25th.

Grocery store Guayaquil They looked stocked with products from CoastBasically, and I sawScattered.

“Not at all, I can’t eat salad, it will be replaced with fruit,” assures Rosario Perez, a buyer who hopes to receive Vegetables That doctor recommended.

“As you can imagine, a pound of tomatoes costs USD 1.50, for a lettuce USD 2, of Doctor and thisThere is no money that arrives“This retired teacher added.

“Yes there are some things, but they are more expensive than epidemics,” Luis Castro said. She said she was going to include greens, cassava and other products from the coast in her family’s diet.

Eggs sky high

Buckets of 30 eggs were given at USD 9 Central marketOne of the city’s historic supplies.

“There’s Kesrito, I’m not earning anything,” the salesman argued.

Gloria Medina, a chef who serves cakes, cookies and brownies at school bars, warned her customers that she could not deliver their orders. “My raw material is eggs and there’s nothing there and the little that is available is expensive.”

The product is priced at USD 3.5 at the start of the strike. Today it is rare and the minimum price of a bucket is around USD 10.


Many times, the environment becomes tense with the price justification of the protesting customers and sellers.

Commercial exchange between them after 13 days of social protests I saw And Coast It is almost non-existent. This has triggered the prices of a few products that managed to reach the coastal market.

We created this tool to see where the product supply is low or what the current cost is. Report us here »

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Saturday, June 25, 2022

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