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New Minister of Government, Francisco JimenezHe has spoken about the political position against it National AssemblyIntention to do Referendum Highlights some issues for departmental and referendum before 2023.

Have you communicated and made progress with the benches in your office in eight days?

Not yet. The situation in the assembly is still somewhat confusing. We are waiting for the water to clear somewhat but I plan to meet the leaders of the five benches.

Is there any plan considering the majority blockade?

What we want is to have adequate institutional coordination with the council. We are interested in the stability of the organization because it brings stability to the country. We know that the problem of assembly must be solved by assembly. Our interest is to have a board that allows us to create a potential legal agenda to discuss important bills.

If the president is talking about governing without a legislature, how do you match your conciliatory speech?

We have some possibilities from the executive that the constitution gives us. Issue decrees, resolutions and even a popular suggestion. But the legislature is a reality. It represents a democratic state and can help govern, but it can also hinder the process of government. What we want is a dignified and adequate relationship with that function of the state that does not interfere with public policy.

Is there an agreement with any block?

There is no agreement with any of them, but we have a relationship with all of them. I have always maintained cordial and respectful relations with the members of the various benches. We always work with cards on the table and I think it’s a growing one that allows us to come to talk.

Is it possible to talk about resumption of alliance with PSC?

We want coordination with all political forces. We want the stability of the organization more than the alliance. We are not so interested in presiding over the organization or having a specific name. Clearly we believe that there is one person in each bench who has the right to our CAL and that is Nathalie Arias. But what interests us is the reform program that this country needs.

What are the points of disagreement with the aspiration of the agreement with UNES?

We will fully respect the decision of the Court of Justice. We can’t have an agenda there. That is what is being judged and for us the division of power is not a pipe dream but a reality. This country must be governed with republic and democracy and that means absolute respect for all functions. This is a parameter that should always be on the table, not just with one political party, but with all organizations.

Lori’s accidental departure from the presidency of the Assembly in Guadalupe will unveil a new scenario. Will it pay for a change in the executive-legislative relationship?

We are interested in maintaining stability in the legislature. We believe that this stability is achieved through the maintenance of authority. If there are specific and well-proven reasons for non-compliance and, in addition, the benches agree to appoint other types of authority, we need to talk to other authorities. But, in principle, our position is that the best thing for the stability of an organization is to maintain its authority.

The ruling party was part of a deal to bring him to the presidency. Was it a mistake?

I think in politics you decide on the elements on the table. It was a wise decision at that time. It is clear that, as they say, the art of management is not a common thing and it sometimes reveals the mistakes that actors can read and the success they can achieve. Before I came here I was a member of the assembly and I have had my own decisions since I was in the assembly. I think we have succeeded in some things. Others could have done better but today we are in a different moment.

With the current political landscape, do you think they have the numbers to support that question?

We consider yes. We know it’s been a busy day. But we work the front with the cards on the table. We want to work with transparency.

What topics will be included in the popular consultation?

We are still defining the question, but there are three axes. The first is political reform. There are problems in improving the quality of political representation. Others find employment because we are interested in fighting unemployment and insecurity. We must make decisions that allow the police to intervene clearly and forcefully.

What does it mean to reform political representation?

There are some themes. Citizen Participation Council was present. There are reforms with the political parties, with the legislature and with the method of electing representatives. We are polishing the text of those questions.

Is there a date for that suggestion?

We hope the list of questions will be ready in three weeks to start the process.

Will it be in the 2023 election?

We want and want it to happen soon.

Did cross death not stop being an option after the departure of Alexandra Vela?

This is a fact rather than an alternative. It exists in the constitution. It can never be completely blown away. It should be clear that this is not our priority. Our priority is to govern and solve the country’s problems.


Francisco Jimenez is the new minister in the government. He is a doctor of law at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guaquil.

He holds a master’s degree in late-development political economy.

Among the positions he has held are the Assemblyman of Guas and the Governor of Guas.


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