Real Valladolid’s Ecuadorian footballer Gonzalo Plata will be tried for his role in the December 8, 2021 crash.

On that occasion, Teranga was driving under the influence of alcohol. He crossed the maximum speed limit when he collided with a taxi late at night on a road in the center of Valladolid, Spain.

Platter will be tried for reckless driving, according to El Norte de Castilla, a fact for which the Real Valladolid coach was asked, Jose Rojo “Pacheta”At a press conference where he replied that “the player made a mistake and the consequences must be paid to him”.

The collision had a major impact on Mercedes as Gonzalo Plata was driving opposite the taxi, which overturned and shattered the window of an optician located at the corner of the accident.

The taxi driver had to be released and the passenger of the car was pulled out of it, without any serious injuries to the hero.

According to the first investigation, the Ecuadorian winger caused the accident by avoiding traffic lights and by driving at speeds higher than the permitted speed, the alcohol level also exceeded the validity.

Hours after the event, Gonzalo Plata, who was with fellow Ecuadorian player Vicente Andres Zeim Moran on the day of the accident, expressed his regret at a news conference during the trial in Numancia and apologized for the mistake.

In his statement, he indicated that the taxi driver had avoided Traffic lights And that he was going “a little faster”, so he could not respond to stop the collision. What was clear was that the player tested positive for alcohol, at a rate twice as high as allowed.

On the other hand, Blancivioletta coach Jose Rojo “Pacheta” assured this Friday that “the player has made a mistake and will have to pay the price” but admitted that he did not know what the consequences would be in the judicial process. And, so, if the judge summons him, “it will be because it must be,” he commented.

According to “Pacheta”, Plata will be ready to take whatever comes And his lawyers and club will be aware of this problem, but the player is looking good and that is why he will travel to Ibarra with the rest of the team “, although he is aware that the situation” may affect him “.

For this very reason, when the accident happened, “he did not play, since the whole situation was very complicated then”, although now he did not look down on the player, and chose to include him in the call because he was treated. , In addition, a decisive meeting in the interest of Real Valladolid.

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