An opaque Leo Messi We walked on the stadium field Monumental From Guayaquil. And instead of the Argentine football star’s dribble, the public trembled at Ecuador’s Gonzalo Plata dribble. At the stand, fans celebrated the 1-1 draw as one Victory. Plata even got a chance to score in the header.

Three He left a good football brushstroke in the afternoon-night at the conclusion of the South American qualifiers this Tuesday, March 29th.

The Stadium Vibrating towards its goal Punishment Two rice converted by Ener Valencia In the painful minutes 93. Amidst the jumps, hugs and screams, a goal was celebrated that did justice to the game process and the tie for Ecuador.
In video arbitration (VAR) a hand review that ended with a fine decree was celebrated as another goal at the stand.

Messi, loved and hated

Fans had a relationship with Argentina living in the 10-acre stadium Dual. A fan from the General Sur stand shouted at him, “Fuck Messi even though I love you.”

Luis Lafuente, 32, wearing a Ecuadorian shirt, shouted at one point, “Let’s go to Messi.” But then I sighed because of Ecuador’s failed game, an expedition to the right of Ecuadorian 10, Romario Ibarra.

“You don’t get a chance to watch the best players in the world every day. While it’s true, he was withdrawn today and Crestfeld looked, “Lafuente said. But it was Messi’s influence that filled the stadium. “Ecuador has played under pressure from its supporters.”

He also noticed children coming to a stadium where it was unusual to see them, which he also blamed on the presence of Argentine players. The children even went south with their families, which is generally considered dangerous. This is the stand of Oscura Brava Bar, the tune of Barcelona Sporting Club.

Edwin Cabrera He agreed with a friend to wear a white robe (thob) and a turban on his head. Dozens of fans endured the heat and wore dresses pointing to the Arab world. It was a way to “enjoy” the Ecuador team’s presence at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“I wanted to seal the Ecuador winning classification, but with the good performance of the team I am calm,” he said.

The ‘wave’ loses

Even when Ecuador Lost, fans did not stop rejoicing at the crucial moment. When Argentina 9, Julian Alvarez started scoring in the first half, fans responded by singing loudly to the beat of the base drum. “Come on Ecuadorian, we have to win tonight.”

And in the second half, as Ecuador still lost, the whole stadium was given a “wave” of jumps and weapons up, which turned the crowd into a wave of yellow.

“Yes you can” was another shout of encouragement. In the end, the Ecuadorian team was blown away by fireworks with the national flag. Good luck in Qatar World Cup!

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