Gonzalo Plata said he had spoken to people injured in the Valladolid incident and apologized to them. Photo: EFE

Ecuadorian playersOr Gonzalo Plata Within hours of enjoying a well-deserved promotion to the first division with Real Valladolid, a team where he arrived in Lone from Sporting Lisbon in late August, marked by an exile. Justice from the accident he was involved inIn December 2021 and where the rate of approved alcohol has doubled

Plata, 21, was hired on the last day of the transfer market, the promotional league had already begun, in which case he did not join the discipline.Until the end of his stay with the Ecuador team in Blancivioletta, So he didn’t call for the Valladolid team until Sept. 12.

In that match against Tenerife, the Ecuador winger was on the bench but in the next match against Girona – who lost Royal Valladolid-, was the first minute of his game, replacing Oscar Plano in the 69th minute, as in the next match, against Alcorcon.

His first start will be against Ponferadina (2-2), followed by Ibiza and Sporting de Gijোনn, a match where Gonzalo Plata will score his first goal with Blancvioletta Elastic. At this point, his quality as a player was already unquestionable, although his youth relied on him and that lack of maturity was associated with his little life experience.

So, the player left the game for a few minutes for the benefit of Oscar Plano, whose profile was more consistent with that naughtiness. Professional seniorityThat is, in a division as complex as the second division, it was absolutely necessary in most matches.

The young winger has gained relevance in the coach’s planJose Rojo “Pacheta”, Who always showed great affection for the player and took care of him like a father would take care of his son. Thus, he would start again against Huesca, with whom he scored another goal to add to his Personal locker

That game was played on December 3, and, on the morning of December 8, Gonzalo was involved in a traffic accident at the center of Plata Valladolid, after which it was discovered that his blood alcohol level had doubled to the limits allowed by law. . He was accompanied by Ecuadorian players Vicente Andres Jaime Maran, At trial Numantiya.

Fortunately, and despite the spectacular impact with the opposing car – a taxi carrying a female passenger who was thrown out, The taxi driver had to rescue him if he got stuck in the car-, There were no serious injuries, but the player’s attitude was serious, since he also had training, on the same day, with his team. After about four hours, be accurate.

It didn’t take long for the news to spread, and criticism began pouring in on the player, who appeared at a news conference to apologize.r What happened and show your remorse, yesAlthough he continued to be the victim of public scrutiny, primarily through social networks, many of whom called for his departure from the Valladolid club.

“Pacheta” once again became Ecuador’s international. Assuming the seriousness of the situation, he said Lack of maturity, ideals and possibilities of his youth Depending on how everyone makes mistakes and is able to correct them.

Since the player was under a lot of pressure that week, the Burgos coach did not call him for the match against Real Ovido, not as a punishment, but to prevent him from becoming more influential and that would affect his professionalism. Has already been punished by the career club, Internally, including economic penalties And a good “rebuke” that spread to him, which will be seen later.

The fact is that after that first complicated episode, and the uproar caused by the accident, Plata returned to concentrate on sports and continued to cheer the team until the last game, where he was promoted directly to the first division, thank you. Wins against Huesca, For which he contributed to his own goal and this time to defeat.

Like the rest of his colleagues, Gonzalo Plata enjoyed the promotion, he stayed at the party with all of them, with the president, Ronaldo Nazario, Many took a bath and accepted the request for the continuation of Valladolid, on behalf of the fans gathered at the celebration.

He forgot everything that happened on December 6. Until, three days later, the prosecutor’s request was temporarily made public, Six months in prison and four years, without a driving license To bring him back to another reality that was emanating from the context.

Public ministry demands punishment for reckless driving offense for soccer player who faces their request Provide compensation for injuries and losses In this case, however, the situation did not prevent him from traveling to Ecuador, where he concentrated on preparing with his team. Next World Cup.

As Real Valladolid’s sports director, Fran Sানnchez, explained, Silver’s continuity at the Blancovioletta club is “very complicated”, as the Sporting de Lisboa requests are much higher, despite the player’s purchase options.€ 10 million-.

According to him, “It was a difficult season, where the players learned a lot, like the rest, although in his case the whole world.Or has become and is most involved with it“Because he’s a very young boy who needed that support.”

“It’s not going to be an easy decision, but we’ll see what happens this day and, if it continues, there will be fines and, if not, another co-worker who will do well,” added Sanchez, who is from Ecuador. What advises football players to have a future Far from Pisuerga, sBefore that, he must obey the law and close that catastrophic chapter, which is already a stain on his file.


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