Mexican artist Gloria Trevi has released her new album ‘Isla Divina’. Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music

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Three years have passed since his release ‘Goddess of the night’, Which Gloria Trevi Interrupt nocturnal silence with normal genius.

Now, see a new dawn from Mexico ‘Divine Island‘, The title of his new record label which is projected as a colorful sound radiation after a dark epidemic period.

But the epidemic also failed to erase the smile of the Mexican artist who started one Online interview Sing with indomitable energy with this diary.

A light in the middle of the night

In mid-2019, Trevi celebrated the release of the album ‘Goddess of the night’ With a International tour, Which had to be abruptly discontinued a few months later. “I was on stage with the ‘Diosa de la noche’ with my wings when the world stopped because of the epidemic and I was planning a trip to Central and South America.”

Like many other artists, Trevi had to limit herself to the hope that one day she would return to normalcy and on stage.

“During the epidemic Erica Anders Composed a song called Very fragile About what the world was feeling in the epidemic and he told me he thought about it with my voice. It was beautiful and it was a beautiful song Helped me heal”, The artist recounts an experience that led him to compose‘ Isla Divina ’.

“I no longer want to give people that darkness and that destruction that I was living in and rather I wanted to take them to a paradise

Coordinates of Divine Island

You are the divine island, it is me, we are us. I mean, if we can dream it, we can make it happen. “

So the Mexicans began to imagine a place where they could conquer him again with a song like Justo Como Tu, or where he could relapse with his rhythm. Flemish With an urban beat.

In the paradise of this musical instrument inhabited by Trevi, it is allowed to play with different rhythms such as Power bull How to forgive or a Pop Too much partying to escape on an island and kiss in the sunlight like Sub. “We need to break the darkness and fill ourselves with sun, light, victory, funny things and a few tequilas, why not,” he said.

“When I tell you ‘Divine Island’ We can all understand it through the song as I am what I am, in which I tell the person I love that maybe I am not what he dreamed of, ”he said of a subject that Dedicated to mothersBecause “we love them and they love us as much as we do”.

Other tracks on the album include humorous math, thoughtful Justo Como Ares, contagious combinations of words in perfume, and the artist’s return to Mexican roots in Sangre Caliente.

Other inhabitants of the island

It turns out that ‘Isla Divina’ is not a desert and Trevi has found at least three inhabitants there. Monica Naranjo, Guyana and Timo Nunez are artists with Trevi on this new musical journey.

“With Monica Naranjo Speaking of women’s empowerment, there is a dual meaning to singing in Grande as two mature women because it also talks about Pride of ageHe spoke of his collaboration with the Spanish singer, songwriter and presenter.

We went crazy when he had already composed the song, he wanted to sing it with ‘Chavo’ because of the urban flow in the melody. “Suddenly I heard a song that said ‘I met a woman in the city of Monterey’ and I said: I am that woman! Guyana To sing this song. “

For La recaída, which also combines urban beat with flamenco, I wanted to do it with the best flamenco dancers. “I took a flamenco class to dance the theme and I asked my teacher for the best contemporary flamenco dancer and she named me. Timo NunezSo I went to look for him. “

A musical and audiovisual self-portrait

In addition to a personal reassignment, Soy lo que soy is one of a kind Music self portraitWhere Trevi expresses himself as a person and an artist.

Outside of the musical, Trevio is willing to tell his truth through a medium Biographical series Where he worked with producer Carla Estrada.

“The bio-series is going very well. I think it’s important now because of the historical moment that we women live in Share my story. Although there is a film (‘Gloria’, 2014), I think there is a summary of what they said in an hour and a half before the eyes of the whole world, “the artist explained.

The 54-year-old Mexican is convinced that there is another way to tell his own story. “The story of my life and I was really lonely, I never shared what I thought and felt. They talked, said, guessed and guessed and with that they confirmed. Now I’m going to tell. The story of a woman from my love”, He said of a production that still has no release date or title.

The tour begins on an island

With 12 new songs Under his arm, Trevi is preparing ‘Divine Island World Tour’, Which will start from the island on 13 August Puerto Rico. The tour will reach more than 40 cities around the United States.

There are no plans for Central and South America yet. “I hope ‘Isla Divina’ reaches everyone and there are elements on music platforms right now. After the tour of the United States, we are going to plan the route of arrival Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela And other countries, ”he promised.

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