Glass repeated Cortazar to work very carefully. Photo: Capture

Research Portal Glass code This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, a new video was released in which he revealed that the former vice president George Glass Jose Luis Cortazer, former director of the Hydrocarbon Regulation and Control Agency (ARC) Oil companies With the help of which they could later arrest the then President Rafael Correa.

In a recording dated February 5, 2014 from a room in the Vice Presidency, Glass asks Cortazar That it will not demand intervention or accountability from private oil companies without their knowledge or approval.

He also warned her not to leave Nothing written “Because 10 years later, they’re going to put Rafael Correa in jail.”

Journalist Arthur TorresThe editor of Glass Code, reports that a few months ago, Cortazar formed a commission of technologists, including engineers, mathematicians and lawyers, who set the curve for determining what the government would pay for each. Petroleum barrelShushufindi – Aguarico and Libertador – extracted from the Atacapi oil field, has not been well-calculated for the loss of the state of Ecuador.

Video: YouTube / Channel: Marcelo Arroyo

According to research, in 2012, Government of Korea The co-administration of these fields was handed over to the Consortium of Shushufindi SA and Pardaliservices, by signing an agreement for the provision of specific services with funding for a period of 15 years. In return, he agreed to pay them a fee for each barrel of crude oil $ 30.62In Shushufindi, and 39.53In the savior

Glass repeated to Cortazar: “Then you have to be very careful. You can’t do that, you have to tell me and we’ll have a meeting. ”

In one part of the conversation, Glass also a Warning to Cortazar About current MLA Fernando Villavicencio.

“It simply came to our notice then Villavicensio He was reassured by an agent of the CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency), Glass, to describe him as “a kind of trade unionist in Petroquador.”

In the middle of the conversation, Cortazar acknowledged that this was a sensitive issue and that he did not want to make any mistakes.

After publication VillavicensioThe chairman of the National Assembly’s Oversight Commission has announced that he will open an investigation.

“I asked PetroCuader for information on energy marketing policy on the northern border and the negotiations on the Schusfindi and Libertado agreements,” the assembly member stressed on his Twitter account.

“After 10 years, they can use it to imprison Korea.”

Arturo Torres’ investigation added that instead of continuing its work as the highest hydrocarbon regulatory authority, Cortazar lowered his guard and obeyed Glass’s ordersWho warned him not to give up anything he wrote on such a sensitive issue, as they could arrest President Rafael Correa years later with those documents.

The video was accessed by Codigo Vidrio Cortazar himself recorded With a hidden camera. Although the recording provides evidence of the alleged crime commission, Cortazar never said what happened and it is unknown what he used it for.

What happened next, the investigation says, was that Glass asked Cortazar for the head of the technicians who monitored how the rate was set.

Who is Cortazar?

Jose Luis Cortazar was appointed manager of Petromazonas in 2016. Photo: Petromazonas

Cortazar was a naval engineer and had a master’s degree in safety and risk from the University of the Armed Forces (ESPE). At ESPE, precisely, he met Glass; They have been close friends ever since, Torres said.

Cortazar joined in 2006 Rafael Correa’s campaign, Managing your security team. Her sisters were friends of the Korea family, since they were little.

News report summary High position held by CortazarIn the Korean government, he held several key positions: National Anti-Corruption Secretary, EP Petroquador’s National Marketing Manager, General Manager in charge of Petromazonas EP, Corporate Strategy, and Petromazonas EP’s new business manager, Rio Napo. , The manager of the PDVSA service station and today he promotes his services as a business complex.

Portal Glass code He said he wanted a version of Cortazar, “We called him on his cell phone number and wrote in his Yahoo email; Both are registered on his LinkedIn profile, which he keeps active and uses until this week. He did not respond to our request. ”

On Tuesday, May 17, Arturo Torres released the first part of the investigation in which he revealed that he had ordered the release of Glass. Sales of fuel and explosives On the northern frontier in frustration for losing votes on Amazon 18 days before the 2014 divisional elections.

The habeas corpus appeal hearing against former Vice President George Glass was set up in the Santa Elena Provincial Court. Https://

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