Former Vice President George Glass surrendered to Governor Pablo Arosemena at a house in a private town on a coastal street. Photo courtesy

George Glass Come back later Bar. He did so on May 20, 2022 at exactly 5:15 a.m., when he turned himself in for trial St. Helena’s Court Cancel the alternative measure received by the former vice president April 10, a Habeas corpus Which lasted a month and a half.

I enter RootedBut this time the smile he outlined with glasses, ponytails and earrings disappeared on April 10, when he was released from prison. Cotopaxi.

De Glass was known for spending time with him these days MomShe is at home Through Al Sal urbanizationOn the way to the coast, GuayaquilWhere police arrived yesterday afternoon, May 20, 2022, to wait for their voluntary surrender, which Corismo was responsible for informing in the form of gossip all day.

And when Glass The suit is ready Jail To follow the path Sentence That you lose weight CorruptIn two more places Guayaquil They were ready for them ArrivalFirst, the Model Barracks, on Las Amerikas Avenue, where about 15 supporters arrived from 2:00 p.m.

Own bar

The correísta gossip He did his job there too, like the club in the Championship final, they accelerated with a new meeting point: Aeropolisial, north of Guayaquil.

They grabbed the camera and the party flag and sent it to be exchanged, to give it to him New farewell In it Leader. They were there from 4 pm. And more and more followers started coming. When he finally arrived, in the middle of it Patrolman And the screams, were SloganAnd crying.

Was among the fans Rafael Candle BrookCorreísta lawyers, who participate as amicus curiae In this habeas corpus, for Glass. He described the withdrawal as a Legal distortion. And he informed about this decision Glass The surrender showed that “He is a good man

Glass got the habeas corpus after the judge of Mangalaralto approved it. That solution proved short-lived. His lawyers say he will now take advantage of it COIP legal procedure Familiar 60/40This one Alternative measurements To meet Rest In his sentence Handcuffed.

The St. Helena’s Court Cancel the measurement and order its recapture, later Appeal Presented by National Comprehensive Care Service for Disadvantaged People (SNAI), a “non-compliance with the principles of judicial protection, jurisdiction and evidence”, which he described as “an abuse of this constitutional measure”.

Common reasons

The Former officer Went Prison in 2017. With the news of the request RecoveryIt didn’t take long before they uttered it Head Of his political movement.

Marcella AguinagaThe president of the civil revolution movement, Glass, said the imprisonment was “arbitrary and illegal” since he Risk management Provided by IACHR. “They are holding him hostage in a dispute between the judiciary and Sakisela. Friend @ Georgeglass, a political justice does not deserve your freedom, “he wrote.

Aguiñaga had solidarity UnearthlySince he didn’t show up all afternoon with the glass.

The hearing was held on May 16 AppealBut Glass He did not appear and did not send his lawyer Edison Loiza, although he did send followers to chant slogans in his favor.

Since his release, Diego Moscow, a Mangalorean judge, has been criticized by various quarters for his decision to grant habeas corpus. The Government He responded late and appealed the decision.

On the same day AudienceThe investigative portal Vidrio Vidrio has released a video in which former director of the Glass Hydrocarbon Regulation and Control Agency instructed Jose Luis Cortazar not to ask for anything in writing, as they could “keep the president (Korea)” after 10 years. When Glass was in office, he managed the country’s strategic sectors.

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