After being released from Kotopaxi prison on April 10, Dr. Former Vice President George Glass appeared this Tuesday, May 3, at Provincial court From Guas. He made the first one based on that judicial reliance on Guayaquil Presentation Before Judgment.

It was also reported on Tuesday that Judge Victor Echeverria had confessed Resources From Appeal Who have presented National service From Extensive care For those deprived of liberty (SNAI) habeas corpus which was given to Glass.

Request to send documents Original file At the Santa Elena Judicial Court, where there will be 8 days to resolve the appeal.

George Glass turned two Sentence. First for the crime Illegal intercourse For its plot Corruption Odebrecht, where he was sentenced to six years and the other to eight years Bribery If Bribery.

It was too Punished Imprisoned for eight years from 2021 Guess Singue case. An appeal hearing is scheduled for May 11.

What does this appeal against glass mean?

Ismail Quintana, lawyer ConstitutionalistSaid that the second instance of appeal occurs in that case Jurisdictional guarantee.

This means that, through these resources, Provincial court From St. Helen, Who is the superior judge, check whether the verdict was right or wrong. You can also determine if there is a reason to grant Habeas corpus From the glass

There are two for Quintana Options. The Provincial court The decision was made incorrectly, it could withdraw the ability to understand what it was Unjust And thus returns the first level resolution. That would mean action Habeas corpus I know Will refuseTherefore, the glass should return satisfied Judgment Upstairs Jail.

Another option to ensure court Legal validity Judge Diego Moscow, realizing that the magistrate had acted efficiently and had done so Respect The Rules Of Straight.

“It simply came to our notice then Constitutional CourtThrough selection and review, or through an extraordinary security measure, “said Quintana.

Does George Glass have political rights?

Specialists in Constitutional rights Mention that Habeas Corpus is not a process of declaring or approving Condition From Innocence.

The Former Vice President Contains two sentences ExecutionIt means for that crime Bribery Y. Illegal intercourse Not George Glass Innocent. This suffix is ​​not revoked, only Method Serve this sentence.

By having two sentences, in between Electoral plane Is Politician There are some consequences Constitutional. The first is a suspension Political rights When the sentence Suicide conviction Survival

Could glass be a popular choice candidate?

Quintana says Can’t Cause to be Crime From BriberyAccording to 113 numbers Disables the constitution Eternal for condemnation. ”

In other words, George Glass is not going Get it back The Possibility Being Candidate His sentence is still coming to an end through popular elections.

He also mentioned Constitutional reform From February 2018 Magna Carter lost 233 paragraph, glass, in addition, all practice Political rights.

“Jorge lost the glass Exercise All Political rights. That is, he cannot choose, he cannot be elected, he cannot The game Which one Government offices And can’t do any exercise Reserved rights Article 61 of the Constitution, ”the expert noted.

Quintana comments that as long as there is Change Per ConstitutionDelete it Disqualification From Article 113 No. 2, remove Article 74 No. 2 which speaks Suspension Of Political rights And Magna Carter that Article 233, which refers Missing Of RightsJorge Glas can’t hold any position.

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