Supporters of former Republican Vice President Jorge Glass at the time of his return to prison. Photo: Modesto Moreta / El Commerceo

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Later 40 days Gone inside Freedom From prison Latakunga, George Glass, the former vice president of the Republic, returned Prison Today, Friday, May 20, 2022, after Judgment Announced Emptiness Of Habeas corpus.

Reached the glass Center of Repentance Cotopaxi escorts at 20:40 Five patrol cars Y. Motorcycles Of National Police. A team was waiting for him. Supporter Who asked them with banners and shouts Freedom.

The former second president arrived at Latakunga International Airport on a plane at 7:00 pm where a police and military operation was set up. The medical evaluation was then carried out at the Ecuadorian Air Force Hospital (FAE) in the capital, Cotopaxi.

While in the prison compound on the road to Sakisili, north of Latakunga town, another military and police team guarded the entrance to the prison. A metal fence was also erected as a security measure where a group of glass supporters and friends arrived.

Anna Gomez, assemblywoman of the Cটোte d’Ivoire, said justice had succumbed to the intervention of other powers to declare a void. According to him, this is an unfair measure because habeas corpus is a constitutional measure that any citizen deserves. “It simply came to our notice then. That is why we are rejecting this activity. We will be on the lookout, ”he said.

He added that George Glass has turned himself in because he respects the law and the constitution, as he did for the first time as vice president of the republic, and he is not acting in accordance with the law.

George Glass, the former vice president of Ecuador during the presidency of Rafael Correa, returned to prison this Friday after being arrested at his home by police, once Ecuador’s judge revoked the controversial Habeas Corpus, which allowed him to regain his independence on the 10th. April

Glass thus returned to Latakunga Prison in Kotopaxi Province, to continue serving two sentences, one for six years in prison for illicit intercourse and the other for a recent eight-year bribe.

The former vice president re-entered the Latakunga prison after being airlifted by police from his hometown of Guayaquil, where he returned to tour various cities in the country upon his release.

In total, Glass, 52, who has been in prison since the end of 2017, was able to enjoy 40 days of freedom.

“I’m going back to jail and I’ll be out again,” Glass said in a video aired on social media, in which he reiterated that the charges against him and the conviction were part of a political crackdown he described as “a.” True notoriety with no precedent in history. ”

“They have exceeded the level of vitality against a person simply because he has a motto: Ecuadorians want less bad times for those who have bad times,” he added.

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