Former Vice President George Glass He appeared in Guass Provincial Court on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, and spoke about the sentence he had served in an Ecuadorian prison.

The former official, who was also a former minister under Rafael Correa, said he had achieved a moral victory. Although he was convicted by the National Court of Justice, he considered that his defendants were unable to prove his guilt. Crime Which they call him.

The statements were made at a time when it was known that a Monglaralto judge had accepted the appeal Habeas corpus Which allows him to get out of the Cotopaxi prison.

During his presentation, at the judge’s request, Glass said: “I spent six more months in prison.” The former second president was accompanied by other people and he left the post after finishing his work.

Accept orders

Glass completed the process at a time when Judge Victor Echeverria accepted the habeas corpus appeal to the former vice president.

Echeverria replaces Diego Moscow, the judge who gave the Korista leader the prison sentence.

Case pending

Glass Espinel has two final penalties for illicit intercourse and bribery. There is also a pending due to appeal. The cases are known as Odebrecht and Bribery, for which he was detained.

The sentence in the Singue case was appealed on behalf of Glass. In his ruling, which has now been appealed, the judge barred Glass Espinel from leaving the country and ordered him to appear in court regularly.

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