Spanish Juanpe Lopez continues to be the leader, 12 seconds ahead of Carapaz and Almeida.

Alberto Dennis is celebrating his stage win.
Alberto Dennis is celebrating his stage win.EFE

Alberto Deniz (DS) Giro’s first Italian victory in a thrilling sprint where he snatched the victory from Colombian Fernando Gaviria In the last meter of the eleventh stage where the Spaniards Juan Pedro Lopez (Trek) put forward.

A day for sprinters where Dynese signed up, who cleverly got on the wheel of “Volata’s” great favorite to surprise Gaviria in the last meter, who had already seen herself as the winner. Reggio Emilia’s last time was 4:19:04, on a fast day that closed at 47 km / h.

Gaviria paid for his extra confidence with second place, while scoring third place Consonance. Like big names Demre, Evan Y. Cavendish They entered from the podium of the stage.

There was little change in general. Juan Pedro Lopez held on tight Jersey 12 seconds followed by Pink and Ecuadorian Richard Karapaz (Ineos) and Portuguese Joao Almeida (UAE). Michael Landa (Bahrain winner) Seventh, 29 seconds behind.


The output was turned on in Santa Carnazello, the city was transformed into a permanent theater in each of its squares. As the race director waved the green flag, rastelli (Bardiani) and Tagliani (Drone Hopper), two Italians, embarked on a dazzling adventure, one of whom was convicted in advance, but was sometimes convicted.

Excited Cesena, not passed by the unforgettable birthplace Marco PantaniWith the advantage of more than 3 minutes. They both made their way through the valley of the engine to Fayenza in the town of Minardi; Emola, home of the F1 circuit, or Bologna, is the birthplace of the Ducati. Two brave men who chose an unsuitable day for glory, since sprinters would not let a prey designed for them escape.

After half a point on the stage, Enos and Alpacin become serious at the head of the Phoenix pack, forcing the difference in speed to decrease. The flight was executed, confirmed 90 km from Reggio Emilia, the city where the Italian flag was hoisted, Tricolor. The end of adventure.

After the white flag was flown by the fugitives, the platoon rode in a friendly motion for a while, without any aggression, but they rejoiced. By Bondt With a takeoff that, in principle, no one cares. But the Belgian kept a knife between his teeth, willing to sell the game, which forced Peloton to go to 70 at the hour, mad to hold the former Belgian champion on the street. At Goal 2 the fugitive is disconnected, forces out black.

Groupma takes the command to start the upcoming arrival. The purpose was Dmare’s triplet, but the peloton went wild, no team pushed his train, and the choices appeared in the first person.

Dmare attacked from a distance, hitting the wheel of Gaviria and deciding that the Colombian opened a few meters, but Alberto Dainese appeared to advance to his left and stole the stage from Colombian. The victory of faith. This is a major first win for the Italians and third in his professional career.

Twelfth stage disputed this Thursday between Parma and Genoa, the longest 204km of this version.

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